Spellings week commencing 30.01.2017

Here are the spellings for week commencing 30.01.2017:

Mrs Rorke and Mrs White’s groups:     programme,  pronunciation,  queue, recognise, recommend.

Mrs Davies and Miss Cole’s groups:  natural,  naughty,  notice,  occasion,  occasionally.

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Spelling week commencing 16.01.2017

Here are the group spellings for this week:

Mrs Rorke’s and Mrs White’s Group:  nuisance, occupy, occur, opportunity, parliament

Mrs Davies and Miss Coles’ Group:  interest, island, knowledge, learn, length


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New Year

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to all.

The children have already been working hard in lessons this term and are fully settled back into the new term. We will be posting about the work we have been doing shortly, but for now, here is some information about homework.

Year 5 Homework.

Education City Due Wednesday 18th January 2017.

English Homework Due Monday 16th January 2017. This is a selection of sentences and paragraphs of writing where the punctuation is missing. The children have to decide where the punctuation goes and rewrite the texts using correct punctuation. Your child should bring a copy of this home on Wednesday to do. In case they mislay it, it can be downloaded here:

punctuation homework blog

Any questions about the homework, please come and speak to either Mrs Rorke or Mrs White.

Thank you.


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Crime Scene

Mr Stanley was called to the music and drama room this morning at playtime. When he returned he was ashen-faced. This is what he saw:

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils were called to the music and drama room in their role as journalists to investigate the scene. Their findings today were as follows:

  • There was an outline of a person on the floor
  • Drumsticks were placed next to the hands
  • A snare drum had been pushed over
  • A music sheet on the floor was covered in blood (it turned out to be red paint)
  • The sheet music was Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
  • There were no other signs of damage in the room
  • Mr Staunton, the drumming teacher, was seen running up the concourse last Tuesday.
  • Mr Haycock was very angry at Mr Staunton for breaking the school rules.
  • Mr Haycock has been very moody recently.
  • Mr Staunton was seen leaving the school unhurt.

Initial theories are that Mr Haycock created this scene to send out a clear warning to Mr Staunton not to break the school rules. However, many of the young journalists think that Mr Haycock must have had some help. The additional suspects are:

  • Mrs Horrocks as paint was found on the scene and she is an art teacher
  • Mr Stanley as he is Mr Haycock’s friend and they are always talking together
  • Mrs Myers as she is a stickler for rules and will punish anyone who breaks them

Mr Haycock has consented to an interview tomorrow morning where the children will have an opportunity to have their questions answered.


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Pine Class

Welcome to the Pine Class blog. Here you will find regular updates on what we have been learning in Pine class, details of homework set and spellings given.

The children have settled quickly, and we have had a very successful first week of learning. We have begun work in Maths and English and have started our topic which is Ancient Egypt.

This week the whole school will be working on Countries Fortnight.  The children will be working in groups to create their own country.


Homework will be set on a weekly basis. The children all have a homework diary in which they keep a record of any homework set. They should bring this home with them daily and return it to school, so please ask them about this and check their bags to make sure they have it.


Spellings are sent home each week.  In addition to the class spellings, the children will also have up to five personal spellings taken from their writing.  They will have a look, say, cover, write, check sheet in a folder to bring home and learn these over the week.

Spellings for this week are: accommodate, accompany, according, achieve and aggressive.

Times Tables

The children have been set times tables to revise in readiness for their weekly test.  They have a practise sheet in a folder to bring home and work on over the week.

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Calshot Day 4 and reflections

Having done the majority of packing on Thursday night, the children got up at the normal time of 7.00am on Friday morning. Bedding had to be left outside each room and then rooms inspected before bags were taken to the lounge. The children did a really good job in packing efficiently and leaving their rooms tidy..

After another big breakfast, the children went off to their activities. With the watersports over for the week, the groups were taking part in trawling, orienteering, shooting, archery, climbing, initiative tests and skiing. Lunch was either a fish filet or fish finger roll with a wide choice of accompaniments.

The afternoon was more of the same before we said our thanks and goodbyes to all the Calshot staff who have been so brilliant throughout the week. We made good progress back to school and arrived at 5.55pm.

From a teacher’s perspective, it was the best of the six trips I’ve been on. The staff, accommodation and food were all fantastic, and the children were challenged throughout the week. Everyone learned something and developed new skills. The children also proved themselves to be tidy, well organised and on time. Here’s to next year!


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Calshot: Day 3

It has been  a mixed day weather-wise at Calshot, but fortunately this has had no impact on the activities. Last night, the majority of children slept through a spectacular thunderstorm and everyone was up and ready for action following another huge Calshot breakfast.

Among the activities taking place today was kayaking, initiative tests, trawling, climbing, shooting, archery and skiing. Some of the highlights included included several children revealing themselves as real sharp shooters on the rifle range, Itai performing some amazing moves on the climbing wall and the trawling group finding a seahorse. This was such a rare discovery that lots of the Calshot staff came to look at what the children had found.

Lunch was very tasty dinner wraps and dinner was meat or veggie bolognese. With less than 24 hours until we leave Calshot, the process of packing has already begun. As I write this the children are either at a games evening or preparing for the egg drop.

Quote of the day from Katie Laker: “I saw Mr Stanley in his swimsuit and it was hilarious!”


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Calshot: Day 2

The expected first night disruptions never materialised. The children were all so tired that everyone was asleep by 10.00pm and no-one was up and about before 7.00am.

This morning was a bit misty and drizzly, but still fairly warm. Everybody had a big breakfast. There was a choice of bacon, sausage (and a veggie option) scrambled eggs, beans, hash browns, plus toast, yoghurt, cereals and fruit. This was followed by room inspections where apparently there were a lot of tidy rooms (parents take note!). After that groups were taking part in sailing, kayaking, orienteering, skiing, initiative tests and archery. Lunch was a choice of sausage roll or a cheese and potato pasty with all sorts of potato and pasta options to go alongside them.

This afternoon saw lots more action with more skiing, cycling, kayaking and sailing taking place before everybody met just before six for dinner. On the menu tonight was roast beef plus a veggie option.

Tonight, half the children are taking part in an egg drop challenge while the other half are experiencing rushing rockets. We had enough time for a brief circle time where the children talked about the activities that they had enjoyed so far. The overriding sense that we got from all of them was that they were really enjoying things that they hadn’t done before particularly when they discovered that they were quite good at them.

Tonight should be a very quiet night, there’s lots of tired children already. Tomorrow should be another full-on, but exciting day


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Calshot: Day 1

We’ve arrived at Calshot and had a busy first day. The journey down was very smooth (several children slept for much of the journey), but there was a spontaneous round of applause when Calshot came into sight.

We unpacked, met group leaders and were given a tour of the activity centre before lunch (a choice of burgers with pasta or jacket spuds). The weather was fab for sailing and kayaking, while the trawling groups found cuttlefish eggs and a pipefish worm as well as a selection of crabs and limpets. The climbing and skiing group also had a good afternoon.

Dinner was hunters chicken or veggie toad in the hole, and as I write the children are either taking part in a games evening or firing water rockets at various objects. Everyone seems fine and are having a good time.

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Day 5 Streatley Trip – Bucklebury Farm

There was lots of excitement this morning; everyone was looking forward to today’s trip to Bucklebury Farm. Prior to that though the hostel was a hive of activity with fantastic teamwork from everyone. Bags needed packing, beds needed stripping, the trailer needed loading with our entire luggage; and then there were all our usual daily chores of getting the breakfast organised and after that making sure everyone had a packed lunch.


We arrived at the farm and straight away the children headed for the drop slide, this is what they’d been waiting for and judging by the smiles on their faces it was worth their wait! Soon after we were taken for a tractor trailer ride around a field amongst several species of deer, we listened to a talk and the children were given the opportunity to hand feed them. We were fortunate enough to see a young deer which was only 45 minutes old!


The children then went to an area where they had a go at den building using the trees and sticks around them. Here they were also able to toast marshmallows on an open fire which had kindly been built for us.


Lunchtime then beckoned after which we had our final activity of the day, a tour around the farm. There were goats, donkeys and calves amongst many other animals which the children were able to interact with and feed.


It’s been a fantastic week what with all the wonderful places we’ve visited, and the knowledgeable people who’ve run activities for us. I personally have had an amazing time, thank you to KB and MG for making it so; I hope they’ve all had as much fun as me!


Mrs Prior


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