Our Times Tables Rock Star for last week was Josh. Well Done Josh!

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The Crackling Coral Kingdom by Dion

Dion has written a description of an imaginary kingdom that he and his friends journeyed through on their quest to rescue Princess Lauren from the villain Powider who is trying to marry her. They travelled there in an airship, powered by star coins.  They had to defeat several enemies with the help of Hatty the Hat!  I’m looking forward to hearing about their adventures in other kingdoms.

The inhabitants and the facts about the kingdom

The crackling Coral Kingdom is the smallest kingdom on the Shimmering Sea. The second smallest is the Fossil Dig Kingdom but even that is a monster compared to the Crackling Coral.

This kingdom has three islands with dazzling beaches, crystal clear seas and stunning wildlife. The inhabitants of the Crackling Coral Kingdom are snails and sea stars which move and talk.  The Fountain of Sparkling Water is the most important thing in the Cracking Coral Kingdom. It is very famous across the Shimmering Sea because it has the sweetest water in all the kingdoms. The people in Rainbow World know about this treasure. But Powider knows about it too so he stole it for his wedding with Lauren. Then the big eel Red Devil came and started drinking the rest!  That’s a problem for the inhabitants of the Kingdom as they will have no water and will eventually die as they can’t drink sea water.

The wildlife in the kingdom is amazing. There are sharks, rays, cod, sea bass, clown fish, pelicans, sea gulls, moray eels and more. If you want to go wildlife hunting this kingdom is for you.

Unfortunately, Powider has corrupted the coves and reefs with many monsters and we had to capture Octtons, Longtails, Serrated tooth sharks, Gulps and Sea snakes with the help of Hatty the Hat.

The boss of Crackling Coral Kingdom is an evil eel called Red Devil. Only a face a mother could love!

The first island that we landed on was called Cove Beach. We captured the first enemy – the Octton. We found three star coins on this island to help power our ship.  Then we moved on to the second island. It was called Coral Reef Creeps and is where the Fountain of Sparkling Water is. The inhabitants are angry because the huge eel called Red Devil is drinking their sparkling water. We found ten star coins for our ship on this island. To defeat Red Devil, we had to capture an Octton and make him squirt ink at Red Devil. After we defeated him, we discovered a new island called Enemy Cove. There were tons of monsters lurking in this cove because it is the biggest out of the 3 islands. There are dark sea caves full of Octtons and serrated tooth sharks to capture. Then there are reefs with Longtails and Gulps. We found some more star coins, enough to fly to the next Kingdom.

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Story Writing

Here are some of the stories Pine Class have been writing.

The Mysterious Tooth by Aaron

One day there lived two boys, Jack and Bill. Now, these two were always getting themselves into trouble and once they had even nearly been arrested! So, our story begins on a hot summer’s day at the zoo. Jack and Bill were at the Komodo Dragon exhibit and they were feeling rather naughty so while the keeper was feeding them, they opened the exhibit’s gate and just let all 20 of them out. When the keeper saw this, he fainted before he could raise the alarm because he was terrified of them! Selfishly, Jack and Bill thought this was hilarious and just moved on. The next exhibit was for dinosaurs (ready for if they discovered any) and in it there was a real dinosaur tooth that had been around for 65 million years. Being the naughtiest boys in town, they picked it up and then by accident they dropped it on the floor!!!

“Oh no!” cried Billy, “we are going to be in serious trouble now, but whatever they do to us we will get out of it, I’m sure of that!” Just then, the floor began to wobble under their feet, then things started to fall off the shelves and then they heard a loud rumbling, hissing, screeching sound coming from the tooth. Suddenly, the tooth flew up in the air and came back together again. Then it happened…

In front of their eyes, a T-rex emerged from the tooth. It roared menacingly and then charged forward at them. Before they could even think about running away, the T-rex stomped, which shook the ground so hard, that the two trouble makers were thrown to the ground and then gobbled up by the beast. After its first snack, the beast wanted more (even though the two boys were very fat) so it roamed out of the dinosaur section and ate up the security guard standing outside. As you may have guessed, it was still hungry so it charged around the zoo devouring everyone in sight, but it was still hungry so it headed for the city…

After about 10 minutes of continuous running, the T-rex started to see the faint outline of the city emerging. Seeing this just made him feel hungrier, so he ran faster. What the T-rex hadn’t realized was when he got there the army were waiting to catch him and put him back in a zoo, so he would not be able to kill any more people. T-rex eventually spotted the army, but he was not scared, he just kept on running. Luckily, what he had not seen was the cage because it was camouflaged with the delicious smell of meat and flesh wafting from within. He ran right in and the door slammed shut after him. T-rex was sent back to the zoo and put in a high security cage so that he would never break out again.

T-rex lived in the zoo for 12 years, but one day when the keepers went to feed him he was gone! There was no sign of a break out but all that was left was that same fossilised tooth…

The End

The Camp by Eben

A Key to the Gods by Penelope

Penelope and Cecily were on holiday in Greece together with their families. They were at an archaeological site about a temple of the Gods. It was sizzling hot. The wind blew hot, dusty air into their faces. The sound of cicadas in the nearby olive trees was deafening. They thought it was a bit boring because the mums were just talking, so they walked over to their sisters but they were just looking at their phones. So they wandered about the site to see what could interest them. The dry, dusty soil kept getting into their shoes, so eventually they stopped to get all of the dust out.

Suddenly, Cecily pulled Penelope’s arm and shouted, “What’s that?”

“It’s a column Cecily” replied Penelope.

“No, that box!” Cecily shouted again.

“Wait, what?” Penelope gasped. “Get it out, get it out!”

The box was half-buried near a massive marble column. It had beautiful intricate patterns on the lid. The two girls were intrigued so they opened the dusty box. There were strange little statues made from painted clay but as they rummaged around a key also appeared. It wasn’t a normal key, it had lines on it that made it look important. They took the key and closed the box. They knew it had something to do with the temple. They looked closely at all of the columns but they had no luck. Then….

“Cecily, look, look, look!” Penelope cried.

“The key hole!” called Cecily.

There was a key hole on one of the columns!

“Do you want to turn it or shall I?” asked Penelope. So they turned the key together, and at first nothing seemed to happen, but then a faint noise of laughter came to the girls, so they followed it.

Suddenly, they saw a whole scene of fighting and madness. The people were wearing ancient Greek robes, with sandals made of leather.

“The Gods?” asked Cecily.

“Yeah, I think so.” said Penelope, scared and confused.

Athena and Ares were fighting and Zeus was angry so kept on throwing thunder bolts at everyone but of course Hera, Zeus’ wife was trying to calm him down. Then Poseidon was letting horses go. They were uncontrollable! Suddenly they all ran off creating a dust storm.

“What are we going to do?!” Cecily shrieked.

“Reverse, turn the key again.” Penelope screamed.

“OK.” Cecily replied. So she turned the key again with shaking hands. Then it all went silent. The dust settled. No Gods were to be seen. Even the horses were gone. Cecily and Penelope looked at each other over the top of the box and couldn’t quite believe what had happened.

“We need to hide this box so no one else can find it” said Cecily.

“And throw the key into that river over there” added Penelope.

 After they hid the box and key, they went back to their parents. Penelope’s mum asked her where they’d been.

“Just walking around in the olive groves over there,” said Penelope innocently. Suddenly a shout from the sisters could be heard.

“Look what we found,” said Cecily’s sister Gracie.

“It’s a key!” cried Celeste, Penelope’s sister. “We found it by that stream over there.” Penelope and Cecily looked at each other in horror…

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Lauren’s Lunar Landscape

To create the effect of the Lunar Landscape, Lauren made a mound of flour and then dropped different sized pebbles into it.

Why don’t you have a go?

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Dragons and Corn Snakes by Ben

Keeping Reptiles as Pets.

People keeping reptiles as pets has dramatically increased in the last decade.  Many people don’t understand why scaly reptiles are so popular.  Reptiles can make fantastic pets if kept correctly.  They are smell free if kept clean and are unlikely to have any sort of allergy to them like you can to fluffy pets such as cats and dogs.  They can be friendly and make good buddies.  They don’t need much attention or exercise, so may be more suited to the modern-day busy lifestyle.  There are about 8,000,000 reptiles kept as pets in the UK.  Here are examples of 2 of the most popular reptiles that are kept as pets in this country.

The Bearded Dragon

The Bearded Dragon originally came from central Australia, where they live happily in the sub-tropical woodland, deserts, shrublands and shore areas.  They are now found almost anywhere in Australia and their colours and markings are usually typical of the area they come from, helping them to blend into their natural environment and hide from predators.

The Bearded Dragon is a medium sized lizard which grows to around 24 inches in length.  They have a calm temperament and are an easy lizard to look after.

A fully grown Bearded Dragon will require a tank which is a minimum size of 75 gallons.  It is important to make sure that it is big enough for them or they can feel cramped and have some health issues.  Also, if the tank is too small, then they may not grow as big as they could if they lived in a larger tank.

If kept correctly, a captive Bearded Dragon can live for up to 12-14 years.  Their tanks should have a basking light as well as a full lighting system fitted in to the roof.  As Bearded Dragon’s come from a hot and humid environment, they need to be able to bask in the warmth for most of the day.  The basking light should be placed about -6-8 inches out of the dragons reach, this is possible by making a rock pile for them to climb on.  The lighting in the roof gives off UVA and UVB rays as well as providing light in the tank.  The UVA and UVB rays mimic natural sunlight which the Bearded Dragon needs in order to stay healthy by getting the sunlight nutrients that they would be getting in the wild.

The Bearded Dragon’s tank should be heated to a temperature of 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit in the area around the heat lamp and around 80 degrees in other areas of the tank.  Overnight the temperature can drop to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The best kind of bedding for the Bearded Dragon is shredded newspaper, paper towels or special reptile carpet.  These can be easily replaced when cleaning out the tank.  It is also important to use bedding which the lizard won’t eat when hunting for live insects.

Bearded Dragons are omnivores, which means that they can eat both meat and plants.  They should be fed a varied diet to make sure they get the right balance of vitamins and nutrients.  Young dragons who are still growing need more protein than an adult so should be fed more of the live insects such as crickets or roaches.  In order to keep a Bearded Dragon healthy, you also must keep the live insects fed and healthy.


 Snakes are becoming more popular as pets.  Snakes are delicate and need special care to stay healthy.  The Corn snake is a calm, non-venomous snake which is relatively easy to care for, so is a good snake for beginners.  The Corn snake is a species of rat snake, they come from South East USA and they are mainly active at dusk until dawn when the temperature cools down.  They usually liver on the ground, but also like to climb and are extremely good at escaping.  (Like my pony Toffee),  They grow throughout their life and a healthy adult can grow up to around 6 foot long, they can live for around 20 years if cared for properly.  Corn Snakes are carnivorous, meaning they only eat meat, and are fed on defrosted pinkie mice or rats.  A baby snake should be fed every 5-7 days and an adult every 7-10 days.

Corn Snakes, like other non-venomous species are constrictors, meaning that they would kill their prey by squeezing it in their coils until it suffocates.

A Corn snake needs a vivarium suited to their current size.  As they grow continuously throughout their life, they will need several vivarium’s.  If they are put in a tank which is too big, then they will become very stressed and could suffer from health problems or feeding problems.   The enclosure needs to be very secure to stop the snake from escaping. 

Corn snakes, like all snakes are cold blooded, they need an area of their tank to be heated ideally by a heat pad covering ½ to 1/3 of the floor, or they could have an adjustable heat lamp with a safety cover.  The best temperature for the tank should be 24-27 degrees Celsius in the coolest area and 30 degrees Celsius in the heated area allowing the snake to control it’s temperature.

A snake will usually poop 1-2 days after they have been fed, it is important that they are cleaned out as soon as possible after they poop to minimise the risk of infection, and the entire cage and all of the contents, the rocks, hiding place and branches,  being fully cleaned and disinfected with a special reptile safe disinfectant every 2-3 weeks.  The snake should be bedded on aspen or hemp as these are non-toxic to the snake and unscented.   Snakes needs a water bowl which is big enough for them to bathe in as well as drink.  Before they shed their skin, they are likely to spend a lot of time in the water to get their skin ready.

A Corn snake should be handled often so they get used to it and handling can help people notice if they have any health problems.  They shouldn’t be handled for at least 48 hours after they have been fed as they can regurgitate their meal.

A Corn snake should have branches and rocks in their enclosure, so they can climb and use branches to help rub their skin off on when they are shedding.  They also need somewhere to hide and sleep.  They do not need a light source in their vivarium if they have enough natural light throughout the day, although they should not be put in direct sunlight.


Both reptiles have special needs in order to cope with UK weather .

A snake has more needs and is more fragile in terms of care and diet.

A snake can suffer from more health issues than a dragon.

Snakes are more likely to bite even though both reptiles are calm in nature.

A dragon is likely bond to the owner much more quickly.

Mum wouldn’t like to feed the insects and then feed them to the dragon,  she would get attached to the insects.

Less tanks are needed for a Bearded Dragon in a life time, as they don’t continually grow all of their life and they are less likely to get stressed by living in an area which is too big for them.   Both a snake and a Drago need heat and or light sources in their enclosures.  Both will shed their skin as they grow, although the snake will shed more often and throughout his whole life.   Both reptiles need to be handled with clean hands and hands should be cleaned afterwards as they can carry bacteria such as salmonella.  The Bearded Dragon is a little more robust than the corn snake and is likely to have less health problems.

Both the corn snake and the Bearded Dragon are easy to buy and are popular pets in the UK, although  Mum is not going to ever let me keep a snake as she is terrified of them, but I am working on getting a bearded dragon and I will feed him without my Mum seeing the live insects go in there as I think she would like a Bearded Dragon once she got used to it.

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Our Times Tables Rock Star this week is Chloe. Chloe is our first Home Learning Rock Legend. Well done Chloe.

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Spring Art

Megan has been busy again this week. Here is a photograph of her Spring artwork, which was inspired by Japanese paintings and cherry blossom.

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Our Times Tables Rock Star of the Week is Harry. Well done Harry!

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Year 5 Reading Challenge

Well done to Mika who has now read all of the books in the reading challenge and submitted her book reviews.

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Spring by Chloe

Chloe created this Spring picture of a kingfisher in the style of the artist Wassily Kandinsky. Well done Chloe.

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