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Dragon School

Are you a keen dragon trainer? Do you want your own extraordinary pet? Well if you do then we have just the place for you!

If you are interested, read the leaflet below about where and when you can get one (but you do have to attend a few years of Dragon School to make sure you are able to properly care for one first). We provide everything you need at the school so you won’t have to bring a thing (except clothes) so come to Dragon School!

Why Choose Our School?

We have absolutely outstanding classes here at this magnificent school, including:

  • Flying lessons to learn how to take off, land and control your dragon in the air.
  • Dragon tricks for professionals – you can only do these after you have passed your test in flying lessons for health and safety reasons.
  • How to cook food for dragons – this is probably the easiest of them all because dragons will pretty much eat anything expect ketchup (don’t ask because we don’t know why, but they just won’t eat it).
  • How to speak Dragonise. This is a very important class because if you can’t talk to your dragon then you can’t have one.

We hope you like the sound of all these classes, however our school only gets better!

Study here and you will have an extraordinary time. You will also be given an awesome dragon as a pet. Choose our unrivaled school and you will get ready made cages, up-to-the-minute food made by our wonderous keepers and a multitude of dragon training equipment.

Discover the delights of dragons and apply today!

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