The Jumping Jungle Kingdom by Dion

Here is the next instalment in Dion’s adventure series.

The Jumping Jungle Kingdom

The Jumping Jungle Kingdom was my favourite kingdom that me, Ben, Aaron and Ethan and the pets landed on, but this kingdom was huge. We got lost several times. The inhabitants of the kingdom weren’t happy. Powider had shot down the great statue of Lingene. Lingene was the greatest warrior of them all. She took down many monsters like giant moving trees or giant snakes. But she was kidnapped by Powider and was turned into an evil servant.  She was the boss that Aaron had to fight because she kidnapped us, but Aaron threw Casper at her and he broke the spell and she was back to normal.  “Thanks Aaron, don’t know what we would have done without you.”

The second biggest jungle

You all know the Amazon jungle in Brazil, it is the biggest jungle in the world, but on the shimmering sea the Jumping Jungle is the biggest. It is very well known for its huge rivers and forests.

The native wildlife

The Crackling Coral Kingdom had some amazing wildlife, but we saw many more brilliant ones. Black Caiman, Jaguars, Snakes but Ben saw the best one, a massive Green Anaconda. She was laying under a tree swallowing a capybara she had caught.

The non-native wildlife

There are many monsters in the Jumping Jungle Kingdom. Here is a list of some of them. Striped Tiger Snake, Nantons, Mud Inkers (jungle type) and many more.

The inhabitants.

The inhabitants of the jungle were friendly to us and gave us a map of the kingdom. There were many star coins to nab and there was a village.

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