The Crackling Coral Kingdom by Dion

Dion has written a description of an imaginary kingdom that he and his friends journeyed through on their quest to rescue Princess Lauren from the villain Powider who is trying to marry her. They travelled there in an airship, powered by star coins.  They had to defeat several enemies with the help of Hatty the Hat!  I’m looking forward to hearing about their adventures in other kingdoms.

The inhabitants and the facts about the kingdom

The crackling Coral Kingdom is the smallest kingdom on the Shimmering Sea. The second smallest is the Fossil Dig Kingdom but even that is a monster compared to the Crackling Coral.

This kingdom has three islands with dazzling beaches, crystal clear seas and stunning wildlife. The inhabitants of the Crackling Coral Kingdom are snails and sea stars which move and talk.  The Fountain of Sparkling Water is the most important thing in the Cracking Coral Kingdom. It is very famous across the Shimmering Sea because it has the sweetest water in all the kingdoms. The people in Rainbow World know about this treasure. But Powider knows about it too so he stole it for his wedding with Lauren. Then the big eel Red Devil came and started drinking the rest!  That’s a problem for the inhabitants of the Kingdom as they will have no water and will eventually die as they can’t drink sea water.

The wildlife in the kingdom is amazing. There are sharks, rays, cod, sea bass, clown fish, pelicans, sea gulls, moray eels and more. If you want to go wildlife hunting this kingdom is for you.

Unfortunately, Powider has corrupted the coves and reefs with many monsters and we had to capture Octtons, Longtails, Serrated tooth sharks, Gulps and Sea snakes with the help of Hatty the Hat.

The boss of Crackling Coral Kingdom is an evil eel called Red Devil. Only a face a mother could love!

The first island that we landed on was called Cove Beach. We captured the first enemy – the Octton. We found three star coins on this island to help power our ship.  Then we moved on to the second island. It was called Coral Reef Creeps and is where the Fountain of Sparkling Water is. The inhabitants are angry because the huge eel called Red Devil is drinking their sparkling water. We found ten star coins for our ship on this island. To defeat Red Devil, we had to capture an Octton and make him squirt ink at Red Devil. After we defeated him, we discovered a new island called Enemy Cove. There were tons of monsters lurking in this cove because it is the biggest out of the 3 islands. There are dark sea caves full of Octtons and serrated tooth sharks to capture. Then there are reefs with Longtails and Gulps. We found some more star coins, enough to fly to the next Kingdom.

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