Story Writing

Here are some of the stories Pine Class have been writing.

The Mysterious Tooth by Aaron

One day there lived two boys, Jack and Bill. Now, these two were always getting themselves into trouble and once they had even nearly been arrested! So, our story begins on a hot summer’s day at the zoo. Jack and Bill were at the Komodo Dragon exhibit and they were feeling rather naughty so while the keeper was feeding them, they opened the exhibit’s gate and just let all 20 of them out. When the keeper saw this, he fainted before he could raise the alarm because he was terrified of them! Selfishly, Jack and Bill thought this was hilarious and just moved on. The next exhibit was for dinosaurs (ready for if they discovered any) and in it there was a real dinosaur tooth that had been around for 65 million years. Being the naughtiest boys in town, they picked it up and then by accident they dropped it on the floor!!!

“Oh no!” cried Billy, “we are going to be in serious trouble now, but whatever they do to us we will get out of it, I’m sure of that!” Just then, the floor began to wobble under their feet, then things started to fall off the shelves and then they heard a loud rumbling, hissing, screeching sound coming from the tooth. Suddenly, the tooth flew up in the air and came back together again. Then it happened…

In front of their eyes, a T-rex emerged from the tooth. It roared menacingly and then charged forward at them. Before they could even think about running away, the T-rex stomped, which shook the ground so hard, that the two trouble makers were thrown to the ground and then gobbled up by the beast. After its first snack, the beast wanted more (even though the two boys were very fat) so it roamed out of the dinosaur section and ate up the security guard standing outside. As you may have guessed, it was still hungry so it charged around the zoo devouring everyone in sight, but it was still hungry so it headed for the city…

After about 10 minutes of continuous running, the T-rex started to see the faint outline of the city emerging. Seeing this just made him feel hungrier, so he ran faster. What the T-rex hadn’t realized was when he got there the army were waiting to catch him and put him back in a zoo, so he would not be able to kill any more people. T-rex eventually spotted the army, but he was not scared, he just kept on running. Luckily, what he had not seen was the cage because it was camouflaged with the delicious smell of meat and flesh wafting from within. He ran right in and the door slammed shut after him. T-rex was sent back to the zoo and put in a high security cage so that he would never break out again.

T-rex lived in the zoo for 12 years, but one day when the keepers went to feed him he was gone! There was no sign of a break out but all that was left was that same fossilised tooth…

The End

The Camp by Eben

A Key to the Gods by Penelope

Penelope and Cecily were on holiday in Greece together with their families. They were at an archaeological site about a temple of the Gods. It was sizzling hot. The wind blew hot, dusty air into their faces. The sound of cicadas in the nearby olive trees was deafening. They thought it was a bit boring because the mums were just talking, so they walked over to their sisters but they were just looking at their phones. So they wandered about the site to see what could interest them. The dry, dusty soil kept getting into their shoes, so eventually they stopped to get all of the dust out.

Suddenly, Cecily pulled Penelope’s arm and shouted, “What’s that?”

“It’s a column Cecily” replied Penelope.

“No, that box!” Cecily shouted again.

“Wait, what?” Penelope gasped. “Get it out, get it out!”

The box was half-buried near a massive marble column. It had beautiful intricate patterns on the lid. The two girls were intrigued so they opened the dusty box. There were strange little statues made from painted clay but as they rummaged around a key also appeared. It wasn’t a normal key, it had lines on it that made it look important. They took the key and closed the box. They knew it had something to do with the temple. They looked closely at all of the columns but they had no luck. Then….

“Cecily, look, look, look!” Penelope cried.

“The key hole!” called Cecily.

There was a key hole on one of the columns!

“Do you want to turn it or shall I?” asked Penelope. So they turned the key together, and at first nothing seemed to happen, but then a faint noise of laughter came to the girls, so they followed it.

Suddenly, they saw a whole scene of fighting and madness. The people were wearing ancient Greek robes, with sandals made of leather.

“The Gods?” asked Cecily.

“Yeah, I think so.” said Penelope, scared and confused.

Athena and Ares were fighting and Zeus was angry so kept on throwing thunder bolts at everyone but of course Hera, Zeus’ wife was trying to calm him down. Then Poseidon was letting horses go. They were uncontrollable! Suddenly they all ran off creating a dust storm.

“What are we going to do?!” Cecily shrieked.

“Reverse, turn the key again.” Penelope screamed.

“OK.” Cecily replied. So she turned the key again with shaking hands. Then it all went silent. The dust settled. No Gods were to be seen. Even the horses were gone. Cecily and Penelope looked at each other over the top of the box and couldn’t quite believe what had happened.

“We need to hide this box so no one else can find it” said Cecily.

“And throw the key into that river over there” added Penelope.

 After they hid the box and key, they went back to their parents. Penelope’s mum asked her where they’d been.

“Just walking around in the olive groves over there,” said Penelope innocently. Suddenly a shout from the sisters could be heard.

“Look what we found,” said Cecily’s sister Gracie.

“It’s a key!” cried Celeste, Penelope’s sister. “We found it by that stream over there.” Penelope and Cecily looked at each other in horror…

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