The House on Maple Street by Eben

It was Friday morning, Charlie woke up. He was a 10 year old boy who lived with his Mum and his Pug called Wrinkles. Charlie lived on Maple Street with his neighbours Louis and George. Louis was clever and quiet, and George wall tall, had freckles and was a little naughty – the clown of the class.

They all lived on Maple Street. Maple Street was an ordinary street, lots of houses and a park, but there was an abandoned manor in front of Charlie’s, Louis’ and George’s houses. It had broken windows, garbage in the garden, locked doors and school children told stories about it – mostly scary ones!

One Saturday the three boys were walking back from the park. Suddenly, they saw an old, broken bathtub fly out of the top window. When it landed the bathtub shattered immediately. “Let’s go in,” said George.

Louis and Charlie screamed, “No!”

“What are you…? A chicken?” said George.

“Fine, we will come with you,” said Louis and Charlie.

Slowly, they crept through a window and saw three dead parrots. Wrinkle (who was with them) leapt in and picked up the dead parrot. “Drop it now!” yelled Charlie, but Wrinkles had run into the next room. They followed him.

Charlie waited until his night vision kicked in. He noticed that everything was upside down: pictures, tables, beds, even the lamp, and there were no windows. Charlie looked at George and said, “Let’s get out of here!”

“NO WAY! I’m going up!” exclaimed George. Louis and Charlie shook their heads and followed him quietly up the stairs. Carefully they peeked around the door and saw there they bathtub had been. Out of the corner of Charlie’s eye he saw a creepy figure. It had eight legs, but had the body of a goblin. He had eight bloodshot eyes that bulged. He was snarling as he scuttled around the room. When he heard the boys, he screeched a deafening cry. Quickly, the boys bolted down the stairs and out of the window.

Panting, the boys sprinted to Charlie’s house, into his bedroom and slammed the door behind them. “What should we do?” whispered George.

“I don’t know,” whispered Charlie.

Suddenly, they heard snuffling at the door. Louis opened it as Wrinkles padded in with a stick. Louis exclaimed, “Wow! That’s a magic staff, I’ve read about it in a book.” Louis ran home to get his spell book while George and Charlie looked carefully at the staff. It was very old and had a bright red jewel on top of it.

Louis ran back clutching the book. They flicked through it until they found the regeneration spell. “Let’s try it out,” exclaimed Louis. George and Charlie nodded.

The boys walked out carrying the staff and the spell book. They walked up to the manor and conjured a spell:

Take a tear from a school boy,
And rust from a gate.
Crush them together with
A hair from a mate.
Add scale from a snake,
Add crumb from a cake.
Smash it together – to regenerate!

Slowly, things started to move. The rubbish disappeared; the grass became carefully mown; the house was repainted; cobwebs, weeds and fungus disappeared; the bathtub flew back into the bathroom and lastly, the windows reformed.

The three boys stood, open mouthed. “Is it over?” asked George.

“I think so,” said Charlie. But Louis saw the Goblin was still in the manor.

“We need to destroy the Goblin. Let’s try the levitation spell,” said Lous.

They flicked through the book and they found the levitation spell. “Brakenlevigooa!” shouted Louis, then the Goblin started to float. Louis played with it before throwing it towards the sun. The Goblin was never seen again.

The next day the boys went to Charlie’s house. “Let’s have a quiet day today,” exclaimed Charlie. The three boys nodded.

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