Attack of the Wither by Aaron

One day, there lived a Minecraft player called Steve. Now Steve wasn’t any ordinary player because he was a man who loved to spawn in mobs (which means waiting for monsters to come into his world at night to fight them), like zombies, skeletons, spiders and his absolute favorite the dreaded WITHER! He had defeated the Wither 200 times in counting, but today something was about to go very wrong!

Later in the day, Steve was meant to go to visit his best friend Herobrian, who lived in the Nether (a different dimension. There are 3 dimensions in Minecraft: the Nether, the Overworld and The END), a place that only he and his friends knew of. Now don’t be alarmed, but his entrance to this TOP SECRET BASE was through a pool of lava! When you pressed a super-secret button an elevator door would open up and you would plummet down a dark cavernous hole until you finally reached his house. In his house, there were chests of diamonds, emeralds, gold bars and iron bars but none of them could beat his most prized possession, a block of pure cobblestone… This wasn’t any ordinary cobblestone, this cobblestone could destroy anything it touched! Now you may be thinking, if it destroys anything it touches then how could he keep it in a house? Well Herobrian had made sure he had left it floating in the air so it could not touch anything.

As Steve arrived, Herobrian asked, “Hello Steve how are you today?”

“I’m fine thanks,” replied Steve, “Oh, I need to ask you if you happened to have a command block, 5 blocks of soul sand and finally 3 wither skeleton skulls?”

“For a matter of fact, I think I do,” said a concerned Herobrian, “But for what may I ask?”

“To spawn the WITHER STORM!” shouted Steve from another room.

A moment of fright struck Herobrian, if Steve was going to spawn the Wither Storm he certainly wouldn’t be able to destroy it unless, NO… Steve was planning to use his block of cobblestone that could destroy anything it touches. It was too risky but Herobrian knew that if he gave Steve the ingredients, he would tell him that his block was only to be used if the whole world was going to DIE… (which it probably was)

The next day, Steve started to build the Wither Storm but while he was doing it he saw a herd of pigs running away from a zombie. The Zombie did not know that if he went in the sun he would die, so he just carried on with his day.

When the time came to put in the command block, Steve was nervous about placing it because if the Wither Storm did spawn in then he would die. He hurried in to his house and found his enchanted diamond amour and put it on so when it spawned he wouldn’t be killed by the explosion. He braced himself and then counted to three, “1,2,3 and GO!“ As he placed it, he saw the monster of all of his nightmares finally coming to life… he ran, he ran as far away as he possibly could so that he would not be killed. However, he didn’t run away from the monster, no he ran away from the explosion because he wanted to fight it. The next second he heard a roaring sound coming from the Wither and then he realized the reason Herobrian didn’t like the idea is because of this… the monster was turning into a DINOSAUR!

A long, menacing claw appeared then another, then 2 rough, scaly feet. Next, a titanic sized head, a tail as long as a snake and finally a huge body appeared. It roared, stamped its feet and charged at Steve, snapping its ferocious jaws as it stampeded at him. It was about 2-3 hundred blocks away from him but he suddenly spotted a subterranean ravine 4 blocks in front of him. He whipped out his trusty diamond pickaxe and started to dig rapidly, his heart thumping. He had dug out about 80 blocks down and 40 blocks across but he wasn’t safe yet…

Anxiously, Steve placed a TNT trap in the hole had dug so that when the Dinowither fell in it would blow it up. He started to place some dirt so that he could climb out and then Steve destroyed the dirt. Just as the Dinowither was nearing it stopped… It had seen the ravine! It started to run around but what it hadn’t seen was the portal to THE END that Steve had also made that day. When the Dinowither got to near to the portal, it fell in!

Wanting to watch, Steve jumped in after it and saw that it was starting to fight the Ender Dragon. The Dinowither had already disabled all of the Ender Dragon’s health regenerators, it was basically killing it for him.  When the Ender Dragon was on 1hp (health point) it hit the Dinowither with a dragon’s breath potion. The Dragon soared down, but it didn’t notice the Dinowither, who gave it a fatal bite and it was killed!!!!!!!

After the battle, the Dinowither saw Steve, but it didn’t attack him it ran over to him and let him get on its back. They collected some more items that had been scattered around when the Ender Dragon had died. They found 8 stacks of iron bars and Steve decided that he would build Dinowither a cage out of it.

He called Herobrian to tell him what had happened, who thought it was amazing. Steve and his new friend the Dinowither built a cage where they lived for many years until THE END became a city named after the defeater of Minecraft’s greatest foe, the Ender Dragon. The name of the city was… you guessed it,


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