Magic Biscuits by Mika

Mika used the picture on Pobble365 as inspiration for this story starter.

Brian dumped six bags of dog biscuits on the ground outside his shed. He’d just been down to the market to browse until he saw the biscuits which were as big as tennis balls. He instantly thought of Bing and Ding, his dogs. Bing was a Labradoodle and Ding was a Chihuahua. Brian took them home expecting them to be fake and non-magical, as the packet read: MAGICAL BISCUITS! YOUR DOGS WILL LOVE THEM!

The next morning Ding was sniffing around the bags with a hopeful look on his face so Brian decided to check the biscuits out. “Come here boys!” he yelled to the dogs across the field. On queue, both sprinted across the lush ground, towards their owner, knowing that whoever won got to try the biscuit first. It just happened that Bing couldn’t stop soon enough and before you could say ‘Peter Piper’ the pooch had knocked into Brian. The very startled owner spilled the bag of treats and Bing and Ding were devouring them as if they hadn’t been fed for weeks. This was only the beginning of Brian’s experiences.

At first nothing happened and Brian smirked at the notice on the bags, but he became worried when Bing, the Chihuahua, became as big as a seal and Bing was up to his shoulder.

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