Bid Bad Bugs by Aaron Parkinson

Bugs Investigation


My investigation is to find out how many bugs there are in my garden. I think there are going to be more ants than anything else because they live in large groups called colonies. On the other hand, there could be more woodlice because they live in especially large groups (bigger than ant colonies).


After I predicted my results, I went out into my garden to seek out all the bugs I needed to complete my chart. I used a tally chart to show how many of each there were, as this made it much easier to count them up at the end. I looked mostly underneath things but the place I found the most bugs was under the statue of a cat in my front garden and behind a plant pot.


Type of bug Number of bugs
ant 22
spider 5
woodlouse 31
bees 4
centipede 2
worm 7
total 71


I found out that there are more woodlice in my garden than any other bug. I found this to be quite a surprise because there are not many places that they would like to live in my garden because they like to live in dark damp moist earthy places. However, my prediction was partially correct because ants were the second highest bug.

Did you know?

There are 3500 species of woodlice in the world.

Woodlice are part of the crustacean family and are closely related to crabs because they have an exoskeleton.

When they get too big, they have to moult and another shell takes its place.

Woodlice eat fungi and their own faeces but they don’t wee!

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