Ancient Egypt Day

On Tuesday 13th November, we had a spectacular Egyptian Day.  A lady called Lauren, who is an Egyptian expert, came to visit.  She was really funny.

For our first activity we went into the music room to find out interesting facts about the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb.  We looked at different artifacts from the tomb.  The most interesting was looking at the ancient mummy bandages.  They stunk like ancient fish!

Our second activity was a brilliant quiz.  It was about lots of different subjects. We had to go around the boards answering all the questions.

Our third activity after break was decoding Hieroglyphs, then reading what they said.  We were measuring in cubits, palms and fingers.  We had to find different things around the classroom to measure.

Our fourth activity was playing an Egyptian board game, which was a bit like Snakes and Ladders.  We had an 11 sided dice with Hieroglyphs on.  There were the numbers 0-20.  The aim of the game was to get your three counters onto Horus’ eye.

After lunch, we had the fifth activity.  It was the process of mummification.  Lauren told us about the hook which is used to break your nose and scoop out the brain.  Gross!

Our sixth activity was a funeral for the Pharaoh.  We had to walk around the school in a procession.  We had professional criers!  The Queen led the funeral and we had servants to carry all the stuff from the palace.

Our last activity was a game where you had to throw two balls at animals.  We were split into Birch and Pine.  Whoever got the most points was declared the class of the day.  The crocodile was 10 points, the tiger was 40 points and the duck was 60 points.  If you hit the cat or the hare, they were sacred animals, you lost 10 points.  That was our favourite part of the day.

By Gabe and Sam

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