Commando Joe

This week we had our next Commando Joe session with CM Sports. The class were separated into three groups (girls, boys and mixed boys and girls). We were told that each group had to build an obstacle course. To start with we picked four pieces of equipment. Everybody’s group worked really well together and came up with great challenging obstacle courses. When Commando Jaz shouted her name, or blew her whistle, we would have to pick two people to go and do an activity to earn equipment for their team. Everyone used reciprocity and resilience throughout the activities.
After everyone had finished building their obstacle courses, two people from each group demonstrated their own course to the rest of the class so that everyone knew what they had to do.
Finally, we had a chance to try everyone’s courses, which was fun. We all enjoyed it.
by Holly Burress and Molly Godber







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