Day 5 Streatley Trip – Bucklebury Farm

There was lots of excitement this morning; everyone was looking forward to today’s trip to Bucklebury Farm. Prior to that though the hostel was a hive of activity with fantastic teamwork from everyone. Bags needed packing, beds needed stripping, the trailer needed loading with our entire luggage; and then there were all our usual daily chores of getting the breakfast organised and after that making sure everyone had a packed lunch.


We arrived at the farm and straight away the children headed for the drop slide, this is what they’d been waiting for and judging by the smiles on their faces it was worth their wait! Soon after we were taken for a tractor trailer ride around a field amongst several species of deer, we listened to a talk and the children were given the opportunity to hand feed them. We were fortunate enough to see a young deer which was only 45 minutes old!


The children then went to an area where they had a go at den building using the trees and sticks around them. Here they were also able to toast marshmallows on an open fire which had kindly been built for us.


Lunchtime then beckoned after which we had our final activity of the day, a tour around the farm. There were goats, donkeys and calves amongst many other animals which the children were able to interact with and feed.


It’s been a fantastic week what with all the wonderful places we’ve visited, and the knowledgeable people who’ve run activities for us. I personally have had an amazing time, thank you to KB and MG for making it so; I hope they’ve all had as much fun as me!


Mrs Prior


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