Streatley Day 4

Today we went to Wantage Vale & Downland Museum and had lots of fun. We met this very nice volunteer, she told us where to go and where stuff is. We split up in different groups and went to learn about:

  • A Victorian farm kitchen,
  • Weaving
  • And Geology.

Then we had a break and some ice cream.


Then we drove to an ancient burial mound called Wayland’s Smithy and saw Sarcen’s Stone. Here we did some sketching and a maths activity. After that we walked along the Ridgeway to Uffington Iron Age Castle. Ancient myth says that Dragon Hill is where St George slayed the dragon. We carried on our walk to see the White Horse Hill. On the way and then we flew kites on the hill. Then we got in the mini-bus and drove back to Streatly.



Group D: Alex, Cameron, Sam, Oliver U, Harriet & Katherine

DSCN1803 DSCN1814 DSCN1829 DSCN1844 P1040501 P1040503 P1040505 P1040516 P1040532 P1040533 P1040535

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2 Responses to Streatley Day 4

  1. Samantha Davy says:

    That was really fun!! Said harriet when she got back

  2. Samantha Davy says:

    Really fun

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