Streatley – Day 1

Today was the day of our journey to Streatley. There were two mini buses, A and B group were in a black bus and C and D group were in the white bus. When we got to the hostel, we dumped our bags in the lounge and made our way to Didcot railway museum. At the museum, we were split into our mini bus groups and did some activities to do with steam engines. The first person we met was Isambard Kingdom Brunel (a person who was dressed up as him!). He told us the history of the steam engine and how they were created. We sat in a third class carriage. In third class, there was no roof, just wooden benches. In second class, there was a roof but no windows, and in first class, there were windows, a roof and comfy chairs! Next we picked up some milk churns to see how heavy they were. Most of us thought that the milk churn we picked up was heavy when it didn’t have milk in it.


After lunch, we went to sketch things around us in the yard. In our small groups we got to go on a footplate of a tank engine and we were shown how to drive a tank engine.


After this we headed back to the youth hostel and unpacked our bags and had dinner, which was really good!


By group C: Tom, Hamish, Lois, Joanna, Phoebe & Amber

DSCN1575 DSCN1588 DSCN1598 DSCN1624 DSCN1610DSCN1600

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