School Grounds Day

Class MG had an enjoyable day on School Grounds Day despite the weather.

In the morning the class split into groups.  The first group went with Mrs Walker and planted the sunflowers and weeded our pots.

IMG_4551The second group went with Mrs Jones on a butterfly house hunt.  We needed to find them all and bring them into school so that they could be cleaned ready for reproofing.  It was interesting to see what had been using them.  Not only had butterflies been using them as their home, but there was evidence that a bird had been roosting in one of them.






Another group went with Mrs Tulett to cut willow stems ready to make some arches.  These arches were to display information abIMG_4555out the butterflies.  The group then worked with Mrs Tulett to make the arches ready for display.




Mrs Underwood led a group to trim the Buddleia bushes in the school grounds.  They did a magnificent job and cleaned up thoroughly after themselves.

IMG_4559            IMG_4564

IMG_4567The final group worked with Mrs Horrocks and myself to paint butterflies to display on the willow arches.

After our picnic lunch, which had to be held in the classroom because of the weather, we continued painting butterflies.  Mrs Dobbin, Mrs Smith and Mrs Taylor helped the children to paint and cut the butterflies out.

Some of the class used the computers to find out facts about the butterflies.

IMG_4575We made fact files about some of our British butterflies.  These are now attached to our willow arches and displayed on the bank in the school grounds.





IMG_8476 IMG_8494 IMG_8480

We have now put all the butterfly boxes out around the school groups.  Why not take a look next time you are there.

IMG_4556 IMG_8471 IMG_8469

We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents that took time to come into school and help us with our activities.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you.


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