The Highwayman

We have looked at narrative poetry for the last 2 weeks and some of the children have published their modern-day versions of ‘The Highwayman’.

They tried really hard to include all of the features of Alfred Noyce’s original poem – the rhyming pattern, rhythm, repetition, similes, metaphors, descriptive language and, of course, a clear story.

Everyone achieved success in at least one area and here are a selection of their poems.


The Little Girl

By Isla Stevens

The moon was a shadow of brightness upon the whispering breeze,

The grass was a crispy crunch covered in lots of leaves,

The stones were a ribbon of skylight, reaching an orange door,

And the little girl came running—


The little girl came running up to the gentle shore.


She’d a furry hat on her forehead, and some apple red blood at her chin;

She’d a coat of finest feathers, and very scratchy skin.

They fitted with never a wrinkle; her feet were as small as a pie!

And she ran with a fire lamp glowing—


She ran with a fire lamp glowing under the mystic sky.


Over the pebbles she stumbled and fell on the dark sea shore,

She scrambled to stand on the gravel, but all had gone like a claw,

She sang a song to the ocean, and who should be waiting there

But the grand seas red-eyed daughter–

Bess, the grand seas daughter–

Plaiting a dark blue butterfly into her long red hair.


The Scientist

By Nadir Hussain.


The lab was a rainbow filled with colourful potions,

And the machinery worked in clock-like motion,

Cranky old place was the lab like an abandoned place,

And the Scientist was thinking-


The Scientist was thinking about the case.


With luminous yellow goggles on his forehead,

And a white coat torn to shreds,

His hair was as static as a tree,

And the Scientist was thinking-


The Scientist was thinking about the case.


With the equipment flying wildly around the place,

the Scientist had the look of determination upon his face,

With the colourful potions drizzling out of their bottles,

And The Scientist was thinking-


The Scientist was thinking about the case.



By Lucy Corcoran-Eke

The moon was slowly fading across the lonely street,

The path was empty with only one set of feet.

The stars weren’t showing and neither was sun,

And the girl started crying,


The girl started crying looking for her mum.


She’s a girl with a ripped old dress,

Her hair and clothes were both a mess.

Her street was abandoned and her family had left,

Everything became dull,

The sky became dull,

The street became dull, smoke surrounded her.


Over the houses she would climb,

She cut her feet on glass, but she was fine.

She screamed and shouted, hoping they would be there,

But her mum was watching- –

Mary, the girl’s mother- –

Snipped her daughters long brown hair.


Darkness came in the old wrecked shop,

Where the mother, her mother listened- -she suddenly came to a stop- –

Her eyes were as green as grass, her hair like straw,

But she was watching- –

The girls green eyed mother, dumb as a fish she listened, and heard her daughter say.


“Mother, mum I need you; I’m starved,

My long life line feels like it’s been halved.

Yet if you come to me I won’t die here,

Just look for me by sunset,

Watch for me till the end of day,

Please come to me by sunset as I have travelled all this way.”


The Hiker

by Alfie Walker


The moon was shining on the mount

It almost made it shout

And the air was being enveloped

And the hiker came walking-


The hiker came hiking up to the top of the mount.



He’d a bandanna to his forehead another laced at his chin

A jumper keeping him warm and something peculiar at his skin

And the hiker came walking-

Walking- walking-

The hiker came walking up to the top of the mount


He was shying in the starlight

With a flea giving him a bite

Up the mount higher and higher

No more people could say he’s a liar

And the hiker came hiking-


The hiker came hiking up to the top of the mount.


The hunter by Luka Jones  

The hunter was a killer of animals among the trees

The hunter was a very good killer as a bull

The hunter is in to killing very much

And the hunter came walking-

walking  walking-

The hunter came walking up to the old inn door


He’d a hat on his forehead, and a coat laced at his chin, which was made of wool and had flaps to protect his skin.

They fitted with very big boots.

His boots were up to his thigh

And his neckless twinkled and twinkled

In the moon light the moon light moon light

His necklace twinkled in the moon light.



There was a scientist called Bob

And he had a little dog called Zob

And they made an Invention

an invention an invention

they made an invention and they were called  tellerskates,

tellerskates,  tellerskertes

they were called tellerskates.

There were buttons and levers, also gadgets,

gadgets, gadgets

There were buttons and levers also gadgets


So they teleported,

teleported,  teleported

so they  teleported to the police station

so the police drove

they drove ,

they drove so the police drove.


Where has the boy gone

O where o where

Where has the boy gone


Where’s bob

Where’s zob

We better lock ourselves in the car.

We will go to the shop for a second.

Oh no! The shop is locked.

He popped his head in but no one was in.

So they hopped away.

Coming back from the police station.

They were shocked to see BOB and ZOB.

Saying yippy yay

Hip hip hooray!


By Phoebe Smith

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