Cultural Museum and more…

Everyone has really settled into class and we began our work on our Cultural Museum. The children have been challenged to find 10 things to include in a museum that reflect the culture of Liss.

We have explored values, looked at the history of Liss, viewed Liss through Google Earth and Google Maps and collected our own thoughts and feelings about Liss. Having chosen our 10 things we will develop our ideas and include our presentation on the blog next week.

In Literacy we have been studying Shakespeare and performed the witches spell from Macbeth. This was followed up by the children writing their own versions of a spell; which are all brilliant and as the children type them up I will include them on a separate blog.

In Maths we have been developing our skills at rounding, adding and subtracting. To put this into a ‘real life’ context, we looked at the capacities of football stadiums throughout the league and compared these figures with the actual attendances. The children really enjoyed this and were also able to estimate, calculate and check their answers. Very well done to all. We shall continue with this theme this week as we begin to work on multiplication and division.


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  1. Samantha Davy says:

    all sounds great fun!

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