Catapults and Pizzas!

On Monday we had a busy but fantastic day. We made our catapults and tested them out. Designs varied, as did the success rate! We tested them out to see how far we could catapult a marshmallow. Mr burford duly handed out the marshmallows and the results were as follows: Ben’s team – 40cm Jack’s team – 5.2m Archie’s team -2.8m Dylan O’s team –  7.9m Miya’s team – 6.4m Beth’s team – 4.9m Olly’s team – 6.2m Daisy’s team – 8.9m Zoe’s team – 3.9m As you can see the winners were … Daisy’s team. Then we had the the wall challenge. We had to fire our marshmallows at the wall to see how many bricks we could knock down. Each team had 2 attempts and the results were – Ben’s team – failed to start as catapult was kapput! Jack’s team – 0 Archie’s team -0 Dylan O’s team –  11 Miya’s team – 8 Beth’s team – 0 Olly’s team – 12 Daisy’s team – 0 Zoe’s team – 0 The winners were Olly’s team. Congratulations to all winners. After this we ate the pizzas we had made. Unfortunately the cob oven wasn’t hot enough for us to cook them in there so we had to resort to a conventional oven. Nevertheless we all enjoyed our food. A good day was had by all and couldn’t have happened if we hadn’t had the support of Mrs Frost, Mrs Jack and Carla (an ex pupil), oh and Ollie of course. Thank you everyone for making the day a great day!

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