Thank you Year 5 AS & MG

The week was made even more enjoyable by the excellent participation of all of the children. They adapted to the routine really quickly and were enthusiastic with all of the activities.

The respect and support they gave each other was commendable and really enabled them to shine in ways that we wouldn’t normally see within the classroom.

Applause was given after every meal in recognition of the excellent service given by the groups when they were serving meals which is something that none of the adults had seen before.

New experiences were met with enthusiasm, sensible questioning and awe and wonder!

A special mention must be made for the best room of the week winners – ZOE, AMELIA & DAISY – who assured me that their parents would be really surprised by this!

Special awards were also given to:

LANA –Her confidence grew throughout the week and she provided great entertainment for all.

TEGAN – Who demonstrated a superb knowledge of a range of subjects, answered and asked questions through every activity, demonstrated spinning yarn to her group and was really supportive to her partners.

WELL DONE TO YOU ALL and THANKYOU FOR MAKING THIS A SUCCESSFUL TRIP – I look forward to going to Calshot with you all next year!

Just to prove how relaxing the trip was, Mr Gilbertson could sometimes be spotted in a truly relaxing position!

Mr G

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