Streatley Day 4

Day 4 Streatley
Yet another fun-filled day at Streatley! We have been to the Vale and Downland Museum in Wantage and to White Horse Hill.

The best part of the day was when we flew the kites because they were easy to get into the air and they were fun to fly. Unfortunately our kite got tangled up with another kite and it really knotted. We challenged Mrs Grant to sort it! Sketching at Wayland Smithey was good because we could do them quite detailed.
By Tom H

I liked it when we walked to Wayland Smithy and when we flew the kites at White Horse Hill. I enjoyed drawing the entrance to Wayland Smithy; it was really peaceful and hardly any other people came by.
By Sam

I liked it when we walked all the way to Wayland Smithy and we tried to use our maths brains to work out how many people were buried in the mound. It took us a long while but some of us thought that we had done the calculations wrong because we thought they would have used coffins, which they didn’t! When we were sketching we thought about all our sketching skills and our art lessons with Mrs Horrocks and used lots of detail.
By Max B

I really liked the kite flying because it made the sky all colourful. I liked the view from the hill. We saw the white horse and lots surrounding countryside. The museum was interesting because they had lots of fossils that you could look at and draw.
By Zoe

I liked the kite flying and it was easy to get the kite up. I also liked the walk because you could talk on the way and I like talking. Even though it was long you didn’t really think about walking.
By Daisy

We had a lie-in until 7.15am! The museum was fun because we got to do an experiment on different types of rock. We put water and acid onto chalk, granite, limestone and slate and had to observe what happened. We made fun bracelets that we wove ourselves; they were colourful and quite easy to make.
By Amelia

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