Streatley Day 3

Day 3 at Streatley
Today we went to Pitts Rivers museum & The Natural History Museum in Oxford and it was AWESOME!

It was good because we got to see real-life tarantulas and cockroaches. There was a dead tarantula which was easier to sketch and we found out lots of facts about them.

By Ashleigh

The best part of the day was doing the hunt for what you would wear, hunt and where you would live as an Inuit. We learnt that they made clothes out of seal skin, wolf skin and bear skin.
By Olly

We also saw a huge crab that was from China, a giant tortoise and an even bigger crocodile – they were all stuffed! And a big, big, big, big T Rex which was not stuffed – it was just bones.
By Tegan

The best part of the day for me was seeing the ants in the insect section. I was pretty sad because the ants in there were dead. And also I learnt more facts about ants – like when they have wings they fly away from their nest and boys and girls bump into each other and start new nests.
By Lana

When we got there we learnt all about the Inuit people who lived in the Arctic, which is right at the top of Canada, and how they had to survive without metal and also without electricity, gas and heaters. I thought how could you not live without things like irons, mirrors and televisions. We found out how they hunted and how they made their clothes, weapons, boats and houses. They travelled around a lot because they had to go in search of food.
By Max K

I really like the ‘glow in the dark’ stones and crystals. We got to go into a dark room and there were glass cases with lots crystals and when we closed the door we found out that they glowed.
By Tom S

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