Streatley Day 2

Today was really exciting because we got to go and see Blenheim Palace. When we arrived about 10:00 we got out of the mini bus and entered the great hall.
We met our guide, Karen Wiseman, and she showed us where we could leave our bags for the day. Then we started our first activity.
We were introduced to different portraits that had been painted by people such as Winston Churchill. We also saw some carving from stone which must have taken months – possibly years – to carve.
When Karen was showing us around the palace we learnt a lot about the people who had lived there in the past.
We didn’t know that Winston Churchill liked to paint and we found out not all paintings are true because in one of the paintings the Duchess of Marlborough was drawn standing on a step and the Duke was standing on the floor because he wanted to look taller. There is no step in the hall.
At the end of the day we went to the Butterfly Garden and played a game of man-hunt in the maze. Some of us got lost so others had to go back for them.
We were late for dinner back at the Youth Hostel because we went to visit the Rollright Stones.
By Simon and Evan

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