Health Week

This week the class didn’t follow a normal timetable – we had Health week instead and concentrated on health and safety.

The Year 6’s had a visit from 2 local magistrates and took part in a mock court case. They heard what is involved in volunteering to be a magistrate and some of the punishments that can be given. Some children had parts in the short scene and all of the children had an opportunity to vote on the verdict!

Energy Heroes came into school on Wednesday and we had the opening of our solar panels. The children were introduced to some energy saving ideas and the logs which are to be carried out. Ben, as our school council member, was our own Energy Hero – he had to go around the school checking out electrical items. Here are a few photos of the event…

IMG_1685 IMG_1686 IMG_1687 IMG_1688


We also had a visit from the Fire Service. The children watched a range of safety films and took part in a discussion. In addition, they had the opportunity to be crime scene investigators and viewed a before and after scene of a fire. They were quick to spot the hazards and will surely be taking what they have learnt into the home. The fire crew gave them the tasks of checking the home smoke alarms weekly and discussing an evacuation plan for their families.


We covered medicines and first aid and the children had an opportunity to discuss ‘good’ medicines and viewed a range of film clips about emergency first aid. Hopefully they won’t have to use this new found knowledge!

Finally, Friday saw the annual Charity Day – see the next post for more details.

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