School Grounds Day

Today was absolutely brilliant. The weather was fine and lots of parents turned up to help out.

It was a busy day and we managed to fit in –

  • Helping with the bottle greenhouse
  • Making butterfly houses
  • Painting the butterfly houses
  • Planting buddleia bushes
  • Sowing seeds
  • Willow weaving
  • Creating blog entries
  • Creating moth and butterfly spotter charts

The children enjoyed all of the activities – here are their thoughts on the day.

Making butterfly and moth charts with MG by Sam & Tom

Today (school grounds day) we made butterfly charts along with lots of over stuff. We made them to tell people what types of butterfly’s they might find around the grounds. There were are more butterflies than moths. Or it could be the other way round.

Planting seeds on school grounds day

by Daisy & Briony

MG had so much fun planting seeds to attract butterflies to their houses.

First they filled an egg box seed tray with some compost. Next they had to bury some seeds in it: butterfly mix, sweet pea, lupin and fairy bouquet. We then wrote what they were on a piece of paper and stuck them in the soil. Hopefully these flowers will attract a wide range of butterflies. MG all loved doing this, and when the plants are big enough they can be planted in the ground.

Our willow weaving on school grounds day

By Katie and Louisa

On Thursday the 12th of March, the whole school had a school grounds day. Every class is doing something different, but MG are doing a butterfly house.

To protect our plants (that will attract the butterflies) we made some willow weaves. They are there to make sure that no one tramples all over are plants. A lady from the sustainability centre helped us make it and taught us how to weave.

Bottle Greenhouse. By William, Alex and Toby F.   12/3/15 

Today was the school grounds day!! Class MG have been helping to build a bottle green house. A bottle green house is a good way of recycling bottles, and even better it works. All two litre bottles should work for the building of it. We got the idea of making one from the transition project at the start of the school year, the school grounds we’d like.

We were the first class/group to do it. This meant we had to sort the bottles into their types/shapes/sizes/colour. This is the most important job. If we didn’t do this it would fall down as all the different bottles would not slot together properly. We also had to take the lid and label off the bottle and then cut off the bottom.

Butterfly Houses – a separate blog entry will follow on these as they are painted for a second time tomorrow!

All in all a busy but fun day and here is the whole class at the end of the day…



I hope that the children in Kafuro will enjoy reading about what we have been doing.

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