Writing Workshops

Several children in the class were involved in a writing workshop last half term and were encouraged to complete their stories.

Daisy has written a fantastic story and shared it with the class. All agreed that s was excellent and deserved to be shared. So, here it is.


Chapter 1

“Leave me alone!”

Immy faltered as she raced away from the taunting bullies. Heart pounding, she leant against a tree to regain her breath. Suddenly she stopped short. The coarse bark had a word carved into it. And the word was DEATH. Immy’s head span; the shouting of the bullies far in the distance was drowned out by a low rumbling sound. The wind howled, and the sun that was originally behind her went out like a light.

Gasping, Immy circled the tree in complete awe. It was eerily scary but the roots, though, were by far the worst thing-they looked like gnarled hands ready to grab her ankles. As she glanced down at the strong, twisting structures something caught her eye. Immy reached down and picked up what she thought was a lost earring. However, she was sorely mistaken. It was a key.

The minute, deep purple key tingled in her pale fingers, ebbing its way into the palm of her hand. It had some sort of intricate pattern etched onto its ivory surface. Suddenly immy realised that the DEATH was glowing red. She felt her hand being drawn towards the dreaded word. Immy was scared stiff. As her fingers touched it she felt a strange sensation rush though her whole body. Was it some sort of evil energy?

To Immy’s amazement, a tiny door appeared at the base of the trunk before her very eyes. Now she was terrified. Too shy to call for help, Immy felt herself being oddly drawn towards it by some strange force. The door seemed to grow as she moved towards it. She was possessed! Immy scrabbled around on the floor for something to hang onto, but all to no avail. Immy had pressed the key hard into the lock.

She was inside.

Chapter 2

Blinking, Immy took a first look around her. To her utter delight, it looked as if she were in a recording studio. Immy couldn’t help herself. Without hesitating, Immy lunged for one of the microphones and positioned herself. And then she began to sing. The music was flowing around her like a nightingale; she sang and sang until the words would not come. Immy sang about the bullies, Immy sang about her shyness, Immy sang about how she felt trapped all the time, how she lacked confidence, how singing was the only way she could express her feelings.

As she reached up to remove the plum red headphones that sat comfortably on her earlobes, the material melted away in her hands. The recording equipment dissolved into thin air, followed by the carpet, the walls, and eventually the very ground she was standing on. The next thing Immy knew was that she was falling. And falling fast.

Chapter 3

Legs flailing, hair flying and arms occasionally whacking her in the face, immy fell further and further, deeper and deeper, down down down towards the vast black vortex directly underneath her. SPLASH! Immy was engulfed in a torrent of water. Petrified, Immy remembered the word that was carved onto the tree. The word which was death. Immy wanted to scream, but she knew that she wouldn’t stand a chance if she did. Struggling not to let the water into her mouth, Immy tumbled deeper towards the never ending bottom, being dragged down by the strongest current. Tendrils of her jet black hair wrapped themselves around her face, preventing her from seeing what was in front of her.

Immy was in the scene of her bleakest, darkest nightmare: she couldn’t swim. And, right now, she couldn’t breathe either.

Wide-eyed, Immy tried desperately to kick with her legs, splash with her arms, arch her stomach like her one time swimming instructor had taught her, but it wasn’t any use. Immy’s lungs were fit to burst, and her throat was burning as if it were on fire.

They say when you’re drowning your whole life flashes before your eyes. Immy’s eyes welled up with tears, if they hadn’t filled with water already. She remembered when her baby sister Ruby was born, little starfish hands were thrust into her memory as sharp as a blade. She remembered her first day at school-the memory was stark and to the point. She’d sobbed because the big kids were taunting her.

The key rubbed against her fingers. Immy wanted to drop it into the murky depths below her, but somehow she couldn’t. She was frozen, stuck. The key sat smugly in the palm of her hand, burning slightly.

BANG! Immy was saved. Or was she……Immy was stood amid hot, licking flames. She instantly knew there was no way out. She tried to force herself to believe that it was all a stupid, vivid dream, and soon she would wake up in her own soft bed, with her mother by her side and only the bullies to worry about…..but no. No matter how many times Immy rubbed her eyes (and pinched her arms to rouse herself) every time she looked back she was still in a nightmare.

Immy, remembering the brave men on TV, tried to dart through the flames, jumping this way and that, but eventually the flames caught up with her. Immy stumbled and fell. At this point the smoke was wrapping itself around her, and the flames were starting to burn her skin…

Chapter 4

Dazed, Immy sat up. Rubbing her grazed knees, she looked at her surroundings.

“Yes!” Immy cried with joy. She was back in the woods! Cautiously, she ran towards the strange tree to check if the carving was still there. To her relief, it wasn’t.

“I must have imagined it all,” Immy shrugged, regarding the weird happening as a minor dream.

So, happily, Immy set off home. She waved to everyone walking along the pavement or jogging in the road, but people gasped and ran away from her, and one lady even turned green and sat down in the road with a bump. Somehow, Immy knew that something was not quite right……..

“Mum! I’m back!” she called, as she swung open the mahogany front door that opened to reveal a scarily empty house.

“Mum! Hello? Are you in? What about Dad? Dad?”

Immy stepped further into the darkened corridor. Suddenly she screamed. She had caught sight of herself in the hallway mirror. And it wasn’t her usual pretty face that she saw, with amber sparks swimming in her large, earnest blue eyes…..

Immy had the word death etched across her milky white forehead. She rubbed at it, but it stung terribly. No matter how many times she tried, all it did was grow bolder and stretch further across Immy’s head. Her face contorted into a scared scowl, and the skin over her forehead strained. As scared as a rabbit trapped in the glare of a car’s headlights, Immy ran. Ran out of her house, down the road, all the way back into the woods. On her way she tripped over a tree root and grazed both knees, but she ignored the blood trickling down her pale legs and kept on going. She felt as if she were running away from the scariest monster in the world. She was running for her life.

She stumbled once again, but this time took a blow to her head. Immy tried hard to stay conscious, but all she wanted to do was give in to this evil force…..

‘Don’t fall asleep! Don’t fall asleep! Don’t give up! Stay awake Immy! You can do it!’ Immy whispered this chant over and over again, because she knew that if she gave up she would lose everything. Including her life……

Chapter 5

Immy woke up, heart pounding and head sweating. She was in her own warm bed, her fluffy pink pillow tickling the back of her neck and her big teddy bear waiting for a hug. She couldn’t believe it. Was it all a dream? Or was she going to find the word still stretched across her face, scarily stuck there for all eternity?

Hurriedly she reached for her bedroom mirror. Hardly daring to look, she peeked into the shining glass. Relief rushed through her veins, her mind, and every limb of her body. It was gone. Immy rubbed it, twice, just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. It had definitely disappeared. All that remained now was smooth, white skin, creased slightly due to Immy’s expression.

Immy didn’t know what to think. Should she be happy, relieved, or should she be prepared for worse to come, more terror, fear and pain? Immy shook the negative thoughts out of her mind, shaking her head from side to side as if she had water in her ears.

“I’m safe. I’m safe. I’m safe,” Immy sang. “I’m OK and nothing’s in my way!”

Immy was trying to sound cheery, but her voice sounded a little shrill all the same. Ignoring her worried thoughts that had mingled themselves with her relief, she quickly got dressed, brushed her hair and slid on her lucky bangle that was lying on her bedside table. She had forgotten to wear it to the woods yesterday! That would have been why those ‘Death’ dreams had been plunged into her mind!

As Immy ran downstairs to eat breakfast and retrieve her shoes, a charm on her bracelet scratched the wall. And the charm was minute and deep purple, with an intricate pattern etched onto its ivory surface.

Immy was safe. For now……..

By Daisy MacDonald

Here is another story written by Toby Frost

Bob Ledesh and the Magic Mirror

Bob went on a wondrous walk and he a saw a fantastical fun fair. He ran to the entrance and went in. he was really exited there was a huge sign that said ‘the magic mirror maze’. Bob looked confident so he entered.

Bob stared at one of the mirrors in despair. He had no idea what he saw then the trim started to glow. He stood back it started to play music. Got on his nerves. He shouted

“Is anyone here,” no one replied he started to petrified all of a sudden he was gone! He vanished as soon as someone came to help.

He found out what the was on the mirror it was a skeleton with an army of them he thought it was that they were good so he went out and said hi but it didn’t go to plan

“RAGE” the skeletons shouted it turns out they were bad skeletons. Bob ran for his life at 20,000 mph but they were everywhere he decided can be a hero so he got out his spare gun that he always keeps on his pocket and were killing all the bad skeletons.

Once they were all gone he ran everywhere to find the mirror and there it was the mirror the last skeleton and bob ledesh swapped places again  and was home sweet home.

The end

By Toby Frost


And finally, here is Toms story.

Fun Fear

Steve was looking at every single mirror along his way; chuckling to himself because they were so funny. He was so happy. But then he came to a mirror. It was terrifying!! He turned his face, but there it was again. Everywhere he looked, it was there. He then looked closely at one. Its eyes began to glow red. His mouth went yellow. And he turned into as devil.

The devil said “COME NOW!!!”


Steve then saw a puff of smoke. Then something started to happen. WHOOSH!! His vision went fuzzy for a few seconds. But then he opened his eyes. He saw a different surrounding. Dinosaurs, eagles and people that he recognised. He went up to a dinosaur and roared at it. But it stayed still. He punched it but it still stayed still. Was this a set? But then the dinosaur turned a round. But then Steve saw someone holding a remote control. It was the alien from the mirror and boy was he angry.

Maybe he was trying to kill Steve with the remote control dinosaur. It looked like he was anyway. Steve ran away but then he heard a voice.

“Come closer” it said in a menacing voice. “If you dare”


He looked everywhere for an escape route. But the place was sealed with a solid rock. Then he saw a doorway. It lead to something but Steve could not make it out.

The dinosaur ran at him as if he were a bull running away from a missile.

Then the mysterious man said” ATTACK HIM NOW, FINBALL”

So the dinosaur (presumably called Finball) attacked Steve. Finball was really going for that boy. Steve ran as fast as he could but it was not fast enough. With his back against the wall, there was no escape.

But there was, because of the dinosaurs short arms. He couldn’t reach Steve. Steve used this to his advantage. He made a dash for it. Out the door. Down the corridor. Up the stairs. Out the window. Onto the balcony. Over the railing. Through the forest and over the log. Up the temple staircase. To the master (who he didn’t know) through the window with no glass.

He looked behind him. He ran straight into something. It was the mirror. HALLELOOYA. The next thing he knew he was back in his house. He decided to forget the whole thing. But he never could.


The End

 By Tom Hunt


I look forward to reading more of their work!

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