Talent Show 2015

February half term always begins with the fantastic – Liss has got Talent show and this year was no exception. A number of children from MG auditioned for the show and were lucky to be selected for the show.

Art Category

Contributions from Daisy, Zoe, Briony, Beth, Ashleigh and Tatiana were viewed by the judges and, I am delighted to add, Daisy and her brother won that category! Here are the pictures –

In the music category Ned performed on the piano and Miya entertained us on the drums.


A number of boys from the class performed a set called ‘Ninja Granny’. They were Archie, Jude, Dylan, Toby A, Ben and Alex. Unfortunately, James Knight was due to take part but had a dentist appointment and sat at the back of the hall looking dejected.



The boys did tremendously well and won their category!

IMG_1257 IMG_1258 IMG_1260



Daisy performed some Irish dancing  to the music ‘Wolves’



And finally, Miya performed once again – singing the song ‘Naughty’ complete with actions.

IMG_1266 IMG_1267


What a talented group of children we have in MG. I look forward to reading about achievements they will have in the future!

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  1. mrsgoodyear says:

    Well done Miya and MG

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