Grow A Pound w/e 13th Feb

Just a quick update –
Our £1 has grown – we have banked £90 and have £6.94 in hand to continue our venture! A fantastic amount in less than 2 weeks.
We have diversified and our efforts have included: car washing (£2.50 a time – Don’t forget to book!); stationery sales; cakes (baked with the help of Mrs Smith); gingerbread men and balloons.
A brilliant effort by all the class in generating the custom, cleaning the cars and selling our wares.

Four children have taken the car washing equipment home this weekend and with our cash in hand I will be purchasing some more shampoo so we can continue after half term.

Thank you for your continued support.

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2 Responses to Grow A Pound w/e 13th Feb

  1. sarah sheldrake says:

    Can Briony Hird take home the carwashing equipment after half term to grow the pound by washing cars on our street?

    • mandygrant says:

      Our car washing activities will finish at the end of March. Briony can take the equipment home this weekend or any of the following 2 weekends.

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