Grow a pound.

I am sure you will have read the recent letter about our challenge to ‘Grow a pound’. Class MG began their challenge on Monday when we started selling a selection of stationery during afternoon break times.

A £1 profit on the first day enabled us to purchase more stationery and we built on this throughout the week. We then purchased equipment to enable us to begin washing cars. The children are really enthusiastic about this and we have a few bookings lined up – at £2.50 a time it’s a bargain.

They will be washing one car each lunchtime and we will be able to do another after school each day. If you want to have your car washed please let us know.

Each weekend pupils in the class are able to take the equipment home and, under adult supervision, wash the cars of families and friends.

Our £1 has grown to £17.66 in 5 days and we have the resources to wash more cars and a few items of stationery in hand. A brilliant start MG, well done!

I look forward to including some photos of our car washing enterprise soon.

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