Here are a selection of Octopoems which have been written by the children.

A Cricketer

 A cricketer is white.

He is spring and summer

In a pavilion

He is cold and sunny.

A cricketer is tracksuits

A piece of gym equipment.

He is the verdict, a roast cooked to perfection.

By William Longlands

A Footballer

by Jack Christou

A footballer is brown and muddy

He is the winter

In Stamford bridge

He is rainy

He is a football kit

A cupboard

He is match of the day

A salad.

A Spitfire

A Spitfire is green.

It is summer

On the airfield

It is wet

A Spitfire is a flight suit

An ejection seat.

It is Discovery history,

It is a birthday cake.

By William Longlands



An Ice Skater

By Miya Goodyear

An ice skater is white.

She is cold winter,

In the frozen North Pole.

She is snow, in her pretty dress.

A lovely chair.

She is Dancing on Ice,

And a frozen turkey.


 A Swimmer is blue,

She is summer time,

In a swimming pool,

She is cold and wet,

A swimmer is a swimming costume,

A diving board,

She is the Olympics,

A pot full of warm pasta!

By Ashleigh Stemp

A Horse

by Bethany Cole 

A horse is white and brown

It is summer

In an arena

It is sunny

A horse is a soft material

It is a soft pillow

It is a magical Disney movie

A bowl of carrots


My favourite character

by Briony Hird

Tauriel is mixed between deadly and caring,

She is mixed in deadly and in sunlight,

She lives in a dark place that is covered in a sickness,

Sunny and wintry,

She wears a green tunic and a brown leaf style tunic,

She uses two daggers and a bow,

The film is the Hobbit,

A ginger biscuit.


A Ferrari is cherry red

Summer sun gleaming against the roof top

New York a rich city

Summer sun

A Ferrari is a tuxedo and shades

Black bucket leather seat

Rich and fancy

Lobster and steak (surf and turf)


By Alex Hutton


A Footballer

A footballer is brown and muddy

In the winter

A football stadium

He is cold and wet

He is a football kit

Sat on a bench

He is Match of the Day

A chocolate bar

By Ben Ffrench-Lynch



A puppy is pure black

It is summer

It is a house

It is sunny

A puppy is a soft silk

It is a warm bed

A magical Disney movie

A great chocolate treat

By Katie Knott

A Footballer

A footballer is blue

A cold winter

At Stamford bridge

In the cold

A footballer wears a football shirt

On a bar stall

At the Match of the Day studio

With a cold vanilla ice cream


By James Knight


A footballer

by Sam Lawrence

A footballer is a brown and muddy colour

He is autumn and winter

In the Emirates stadium.

He is cold and wet.

A footballer is a Nike football kit

He is a bench when he’s warn out

He is Match of the Day or live on ITV

He is a chocolate bar.


Bacon is red

It is all seasons

In my tummy

It is warm

Bacon is a red t-shirt

In a grill heating up

It is advertised by supermarkets

Of course its bacon

By Sam L


A dragon is green and scaly

He is summer time

In a cave

He is foggy

A dragon is armour

A meat hock

In a film

A raw meat

By Toby Andrews

A pig

By Toby Frost 

A pig is pink

He is summer

In a sty

He is sun

A pig is skin

A piece of hay

He is Peppa pig

Pork ribs.

A Puppy

by Tatiana Hunt

A puppy is white  and brown.

It is summer in winter.

It is heaven.

It is a breeze on a summer’s day.

               A puppy is a dress of silk

or a chair of gold.

                 It is the best comedy show

             And the tastiest chicken nugget.

A Horse

by Tatiana Hunt

A horse is as black as coal.

It is autumn

In a field as green as a jungle.

It is sunny and rainy.

 A horse is a blanket as soft as silk

or a bed as comfy as a cloud.

It is a black and white movie

Or a piece of licorice.

I am sure you will agree they are all great and we had fun writing them.

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