The Magic Box

In class we have been looking at the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright and imagined what we would put in our own magic box.

Here are a selection of our poems.

My Magic Box by Alex Hutton


The sight of Steven Gerrard sprinting with the ball in Anfield stadium

With 20,000 fans cheering him on.


The smell of a juicy tender sirloin steak sizzling in the frying pan

Cooking with fresh garlic butter.


The feelings of having no friends so it will be gone from me forever.

My box is made of white silk and gold

With a diamond handle.


My Magic Box by Archie Jack

In my box I will put

The screams of the crowd at a football match.

The breeze of the wind blowing against my face on the beach.

And my own pet.


In my box I will put

The flying of an eagle stalking its prey.

A fish leaping out of the clear ocean water

And the Liss Athletic logo.


I my box I will put

The smell of a freshly baked gingerbread man coming out of the oven.

The fun of playing battlefront games with my friends.

And the ball flying into the net.


My box will be made of

The most scrumptious bacon ever

And on the lid the softest felt ever

The handle will be made of solid gold.


In my box I will sign a contract for man city fc

Be the best cook ever

And fly to all the places in the world.


The magic box by Ashleigh Stemp

 I will put in my box

The sight of a cheetah running like the wind,

The lovely smell of chocolate bars that are like gold

And a friend that’s always there for me.


My box is made out of

Glistening emerald and diamond,

A galloping horse riding through the blue forest,

Lots of yummy chocolates for everyone in the world,

A snake’s slippery, slimy skin.


I will put in my box

The roar of a tiger chasing after its prey,

The sound of a child splashing about in Lake Victoria

And the sight of Santa’s sleigh flying through the night sky.


The dreams in my box are

A witch riding a golden silky horse,

The dream of winning a thousand chocolate bars,

Flying through the sky on a warm summer’s day.


In my box I will

Surf on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean wit dolphins beside me,

Be the first to climb a 300ft tall mountain,

And fly a plane to Spain.


The Magic Box by Bethany Cole

I will put in my box…

Hooves of horses pounding the hard ground

A witch on an inflatable crocodile

The smell of the salty sea when you’re near the beach.


I will put in my box…

The sound of talking rabbits that live by the waterfall

The warm breath of a fire breathing dragon

And a delicate snowflake plucked from the clouds above.


I will put in my box…

Santa’s sleigh riding through the sky on a starry night

The best feeling when you open your presents on Christmas day.


My box is fashioned from…

The silkiest silk that shines in the sun

Gold and silver with sparkling sequins

With stars on the lid.


I will put in my box

Dreams of galloping on a white horse on a sunny day.

Learning to play the flute and clarinet really well in a concert


The Magic Box By Daisy MacDonald

In my box I will put:

The beating of a butterfly’s wing as it flutters through the breeze.

Deep sorrow as it falls to the ground, salty and damp.

The dead of the night.


In my box I will put:

The soft footfall of a tiger stalking its prey.

The enticing smell of warm chocolate as it oozes across the table.

A baby’s laugh.


In my box I will put:

Joy in the midst of a cruel winter’s day.

A mother’s love as she smiles at her children.

The person I will never be.


In my box I will put:

The happiness of a newly married couple.

A distant dream that can never be reached.

The subtle knife.


In my box I will put:

The battering of the wind.

Eternal love.

An unopened present waiting to delight.

The wind in a horses mane.


My box is crafted from:

A lizard’s scales,

Silver and gold bells,

An armoured bear’s fur.

I will sing in my box

Like the world is going to end,

Like an angel, flying far, far away.


What will you put in your box?


The Magic Box by James Harper


My box has eyes.

The eyes of a hawk as it watches his prey and he swoops to catch his fish

And crunched until its flesh came down his beak.


My box makes sounds

The sound of a million souls burning and falling like ashes into their graves

And burn even more to die.


My box smells

The smell of bacon as it bubbles and sizzles in dads pan when mom walks to serve it on my hot plate.


I will put in my box

A scorpion to guard my box from raiders or other people that will rob my box.


The magic Box by Ned Tarling

In my box I’ll put:

The cracking sound of an earthquake devouring anything in its path,

The dream of being a millionaire,

A black hole sucking all life into an endless black pit

And great red flames of a forest fire

In my box I’ll put:

The deafening sound of the Devils laugh,

The crushing sound of an almighty volcanic eruption

And the smell of rotting flesh.

My box will be made from:

Armoured dragons scales and bones

And has a Devil horn lock.




The Magic Box

By Oscar Williams

In my magic box I will have lovely flying smelly bananas that take my breath away.

In my magic box I will put loads of fresh apples that are juicy red and green.

In my box I will put all the special things that belong to me and my family.

In my box I will put the smell of lovely juicy fruit.


The Magic Box

I will put in my box

                                               Piles and piles of lovely fresh bacon

 The sound of the Santi Cazorla chant for arsenal.

The smell of the first batch of mince pies coming out the oven.

Dreams to be a footballer and play in the world cup.

My box is fashioned from

The finest gold blocks with silver lining,

Thick steel,

Light green shining emerald,

My boxes roof is made from bacon which tastes nice.

In my box I will…

Fly to the furthest corners of the world

I will play football in the biggest stadiums in the world

I will eat piles of bacon that comes from the sky

I will put in my box

The sights and smells of pigs in blankets

The sound of bacon sizzling in the sauce pan

The sights of arsenal winning the league

The sound of football fans cheering

I will put in my box

Feelings of happy people

Dreams of bacon in my tummy

Flying pigs in blankets that want to be eaten

The humour of clowns

Arsenal winning the champions league

In my box I will

Play on a play station

I will play with animals

Feel happy

Make bacon pyramids

By Sam Lawrence

The magic Box by Tatiana

Inside my box I will put

The sound of holly crackling

and spluttering in the fire on a winter’s day.

A fish as gentle as a feather floating from the blue sky.

A horse as black as coal galloping through the never ending field with a foal close by its side.

Inside my box I will put

A red lily as soft as silk in a bowl of  warm water slowly letting out squirts of strawberry scented air.                                       A fire ball all the way from a dragon in china.                                         

A dream of a pup so sweet and cuddly curled up on the end of my warm bed dozing off.

Inside my box I will put

A baby’s first word.

The water from the top of the highest mountain.

A bunny so sweet and innocent hopping from field to field.

Inside my box I will put

A cloud as fluffy as cotton.

The sight of a rose rising above the ground.

A star from heaven reaching out to space.

I shall keep my box of silk with a pure gold handle and treasure it.

As I open it up a light shines at me as I get ready for my whole life to change.


The Magic Box

In my box I will put ice cream

I will fly in my box across the ocean and the sky

In my box I will put Miss Harvey ‘s smell across a rainbow.

I will be happy in my box and never sad.

In my box I will put lots of stuff and it will never end.

My dreams in my box

My dreams are that I can fly to reach the angels in the sky.

To one day find a dreams that comes alive so I will be the star

of my life.                                          by Tegan


The Magic Box

By Toby Frost

In my box I will see

Bacon sizzling as Spurs win the premier league,

Pigs playing peek-a-boo with monkeys,

Cobra’s scoring in the cup final

And the crowd cheer.


In my box I will hear

Hippos splashing as their hippo ball goes in the

croc goal,

The snap of chocolate and then eating it,

Whales jumping for joy as they eat bacon.


In my box I will smell

Bacon on a kebab with a narwhal horn as a stick.

Cows being milked as they eat their lunch,

Bread being toasted then served with jam.


The Magic Box by William Longlands

I will put in my box

Five of the most famous cities in the world,

The noise of a cruise ship leaving a port,

And a door leading to Billund.


I will put in my box

A dream to become a professional cricketer and play to my heart’s content,

A dream to become a millionaire and go to every country in the world,

And an eighth continent.


I will put in my box

A bacon double cheese burger cooked to perfection,

The sound of a crowd as a team wins a game with a six

And the feeling of going around the world on holiday.


I will put in my box

The smell of Lucerne with its ancient city

The smell of a crackling fire in the distant world

And the sound of a Bugatti Veyron roaring down the race track.


My box is crafted from

Gold, silver and platinum,

The hinges are joints off crankshafts,

and the corners are secrets waiting to be released


I will play cricket in my box,

Shower sixes around the ground to the cheers of the crowd,

Bowl five people out in an amazing way,

And take catches that no one will be able to forget.

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  1. Sarah Harradine says:

    A beautiful poem Bethany! Well done xx

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