William, Daisy & Jude

Our pantomime display

Our pantomime display


This week William, Daisy and Jude have chosen to write about what as been going on in class. Here they are busy at work…



Daisy’s Report!

Hi guys! I am going to write a report on what we have been doing in amazing (I’m not joking, it is!) Literacy and French!

First up: Literacy.

In Literacy we have been writing our own play scripts. Red, blue, yellow and purple group had to write their own ending to Wilf Wolf, yet Green group got to write their own plays based on a fairy-tale! When you had finished you had to share it with your group, and then they decided which one was the best. My group (Green group) decided that my play script was the best!

Daisy's Play script

I had written a play called The Apple Bobbing Contest, based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. We had great fun acting it out! We are going to record them, so they can go on here!

IMG_0595IMG_0594IMG_0597 IMG_0598


Now: French.

In French we have been learning the names for different places around the town.

Here is a picture of my work:

French 1


We have also been learning about journeys, and what the four compass points, left and right and up and down mean. You can this see in my French book

French 2


Year 2 opening evening about Maths MG style. By William Longlands.

Last Thursday the year twos came up here to Liss Junior School to experience some of the things we do here at Liss Junior. In MG we were doing Maths with sweets. The Year Twos who came into are class had to do data handling with skittles.

Firstly they had to count out the sweets into different colours. Once they had done this they would choose whether to show there results in a bar chart or pictogram. These were already made up. The charts had different columns or rows for each colour. They then had to colour these in. finally they put their name on their sheet and ate the skittles.

Maths by William Longlands.

In maths we are doing fractions, decimal fractions and percentages. We have to convert them all into each other. This is easy to do if you know the connection between each of them. 95% = 0.95 = 95/100. Here are pictures of the class working on this.

Art          by Jude Brindley

In Art this term we have been making Celtic design drinking vessels. They are made out of clay and very easy to make. First we made the mug from two pieces of clay, one in a cylinder shape and one in a circle we stuck them together using a method called cross cutting then we add the slit (glue made out of clay). Then we used thin strips of clay to create our own Celtic pattern on the side of the mug. Finally Mr Burford put them in the kiln to harden.

Our vessels

Celcic drinking vessel

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