Butser Ancient Farm visit

IMG_0920On Monday 6th October, Class MG went to Butser Ancient farm as part of their history topic. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very good and our workshops had to be changed.

On arrival we were taken to the Glastonbury roundhouse and it was in here that we spent most of the morning. The small fire in the middle of the room gave out little heat and lots of smoke!  Liz, our host, introduced us to the first activity of ‘cording’ which was a form of plaiting 7 strands of wool to create a strong cord.

The next activity was jewellery making. Using small pliers and a piece of copper wire  we created bracelets and rings in Celtic designs. There was not enough light in the round house to do this so we had to go into the Roman villa for this activity.

Lunch was eaten in the roundhouse as the rain continued to fall then it was off to the long house – after collecting a piece of flint from the flint pile and a piece of chalk for carving. The children had to imagine what shape their piece of chalk could be and then use the flint to carve the shape.

Afterwards, we went out in the rain to take part in an archaeological dig! Armed with trowels and brushes we carefully dug in the earth to reveal a selection of finds. These were then cleaned up before official identification could take place. Bones and flint tools were the most common finds.

Finally we made our way back to the mini-buses – wet but happy – and journeyed back to school.

Other classes visited throughout the week and the feedback we had was that the day we were there was the wettest that they had ever had – and we survived it!

Here are a selection of photos from the day.

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