The Boy with the Bronze Axe

In class we have been reading the book The Boy with the Bronze Axe and the children created an additional scene for the book in Literacy this week. They have tried to include lots of descriptive devices, dialogue and a range of sentence starters, Here are a selection that have been completed.

The bronze axe


One lovely Sunday morning Kali, Brocken and Tenko were playing about in the house. Kali and Brocken were trying to get the brilliant bronze axe off Tenko who was clutching it tightly.

“Oi! Get off!” shouted Tenko.

“No!” yelled Kali and Brocken.

Suddenly Korwen walked sharply in, at that moment Brocken got the axe off Tenko turned around and brought the axe crashing down on Korwen’s arm.

“AGGGGHHHH!!!!” screamed Korwen although Brocken had only made a small gash. Korwen ran off into the meeting room. Brocken was looking very worried.


When Korwen got to the meeting room he told his dad that Tenko had struck him with the axe. Just then Kali turned up with Brocken and Tenko. Kali said “Brocken accidently struck Korwen with the axe.”

“That’s a lie!” shouted Korwen.

“Settle down, settle down now, we will see out of Brocken and Tenko who strikes the hardest on a log.” Said Lokar. So Burno, Kali and Brocken’s dad got out a log and told Tenko to strike. Tenko lifted the axe high above his head and brought the axe crashing down on the log and the axe went straight through. Then it was Brockens turn he lifted the axe high above his head then brought the axe crashing down but it only made a gash. “Well that sorts that out then.” Said Lokar.

“See it was Brocken that struck Korwen.” Kali muttered to Tenko.

Korwen trudged off annoyed and in trouble. Then Kali, Brocken and Tenko went home with the axe and the men carried on with their meeting. 


By Ashleigh Stemp

The Stealing

It was a cold night Kali, Brocken and Tenko had been farming and hunting all day so they would be tired.

“Hey Tenko did you hide your axe?” asked Kali.

“Yeah I did, it’s on the dresser.” replied Tenko with delight.

“Make sure it’s safe as it is made out of a very valuable metal!” shouted Brocken as he was in another room.

Korwen was listening outside the door so he knew that the axe was on the dresser.

Tiptoeing quietly he sneaked to a wall and got on the floor, he was moving on the floor like a slithery snake. He said to himself

“I must find it, I must find it.”

Korwen got off of the floor and kept tiptoeing as it was so dark he couldn’t see and stepped on a bit of stone. Brocken woke up and whispered

“What was that?”

The others were still asleep, Brocken got out of bed. He got the axe and WHACK he hit Korwen him in the arm.

“AAAAAHHHHH!!” Korwen screamed in pain.

Everyone woke up, wondering what had happened. The axe made a deep cut in his arm.

“What was that?” Kali asked.

It was a rule in this Stone Age tribe that if someone got hurt the person who was hurt could hurt their attacker back. Korwen blamed it on Tenko.

“It was me!” Brocken shouted.

Korwen thought he was just protecting his friend.

“I will get revenge, I will.”    

By Jack Christou


-The Snatch-

One cold evening, Kali, Tenko and Brocken were all sleeping in bed in their cold stone hut. They were fine and warm under the blanket of animal skin. Korwen was trying to get into the hut to steel the bronze axe from Tenko. As the large stone slid across the floor and revealed the dim blazing light of the fire in the stone hut. Korwen slid across the floor like a slithering snake by the beds of Tenko and Brocken. Korwen looked all over the place for the bronze axe.

Brocken was awake and saw Korwen trying to steal the axe from Tenko. Clenching onto the axe, Brocken was ready for Korwen to walk over to the bed and look for the axe, like a tiger ready to pounce on itss prey, Brocken was ready to pounce. Brocken held the axe high above his head and hit Korwen.

“ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Korwen screamed. Korwen rushed out the room in great pain shouting

“YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS” he shouted.

Korwen ran quickly across the path to the leader.

Back at the hut, Brocken was explaining what happened

“He was trying to steal the axe from Tenko!” Brocken explained to the others.

“Korwen is going to tell the leader and get Tenko into trouble!” Kali explained to everyone.

Korwen went to the leader and told him all about the axe and how he wanted it so badly.

“It was so shiny!” Korwen said the leader.

“Looks like we will need to hit Brocken with the same bronze axe and see what he thinks of it,” the leader told Brocken. So Brocken was called to the leaders place to get hit by the axe, He did get hit with Tenko’s bronze axe so Korwen was happy.

 By James Knight


Korwens payback

Running quickly to his hut to sulk after what he’d done, Korwen knew Tenko would be his brother now and he would stay in the tribe forever. He went to sit on his bed.

Outside all the other tribe’s men and women walked quietly away from the meeting place and headed back to their stone huts. All apart from Tenko. Lokar asked him “What’s wrong?”

There was a silence then Tenko said “Do you think your tribesmen like me?”

There was another silence, “Yes, yes, of course they like you, after all you saved Kali and Brocken from the rocks.”

“No, I mean Korwen.” Tenko asked quietly.

“I am sure you will be fine he just needs to get used to you that’s all.” Lokar answered then walked back to his hut along with Tenko going back to Birno’s.

Back at Birno’s hut Kali and Brocken were playing their favourite game called cave paint. What you have to do is draw something on the wall and the other person has to guess what it is. Tenko asked, “What are you playing?”

“Cave paint.” Brocken replied energetically.

“Can I join in?” Tenko asked longingly.

“Sure.”  Kali replied. So they played it right up until their dinnertime.

“What’s for dinner?” Kali asked hungrily.

“Limpets.” Birno replied.

“Yummy!” said Brocken again with lots of energy.

After they’d finished they heard a laugh then it got louder,

“HA! HA! HA!” this person laughed evilly. They realized who this mysterious person was – it was Korwen. He was spying on Tenko, Kali and Brocken but before anyone could say anything he was gone.

Korwen ran back to his hut where he was plotting his revenge. He knew exactly how to get his own back on Tenko. His plan was to hide some hot flint under his bed so it would set the house on fire and if it didn’t work he would steal the tribes’ sharpest knife (kept in Lokar’s hut.) and he would strike Tenko. But where would he find the flint? And, how on earth would he get the knife?

Tiptoeing out of his bed Korwen sneakily got some food, hauled open the heavy stone door and walked out into the night. Still creeping around, he sneaked into Lokar’s stone hut. He pushed the door with all his might and it came open so quick he fell over as it was already open in the first place. Now he just had to get the knife.

Quietly creeping through the hut, he lent over the smouldering fire and looked down. Right at the bottom was the knife. He had found it! He poured his bucket of water over the warm fire. Smoke came up and it was cold now. Korwen lent into the circle of rocks, grabbed the knife and then ran!

The next day Korwen attended to the meeting and asked Lokar, “Where do we keep our flint.”

“In a pile underneath my house in a pile of course.”

“O.K” Korwen replied, then he ran off. In the direction of Lokar’s hut. That same night he was still awake creeping around. He snuck into Birno’s hut, put the flint under Tenko’s bed and immediately set it alight. All was going well for Korwen until Birno woke up and smelt smoke.

“FIRE!!!”  That woke everyone up and Korwen took Tenko’s axe and ran!

Outside Tenko saw Korwen with the axe. He ran up to him but Korwen was aware of this and instantly turned around and stabbed him in the head. There was silence amongst the tribe. “That hurt!” then the rest of the tribe woke up and caught Korwen.

Then Lokar announced, “If you want something so badly you shall have it out at sea.”

So Korwen got tied up with the axe and sent to sea. The whole tribe waved goodbye.

“I wonder where he will end up.” Kali asked inquisitively

“I don’t know but he’s getting the punishment he needs.”

And with that all the tribe went back to their huts.

By Sam Lawrence


On the run

Korwen wasn’t happy that Tenko was being accepted into Birno’s hut, he wanted to steal Tenko’s brilliant bronze axe. He didn’t know Brockan was still awake but Kali and Tenko were still asleep. It took ages for him to find it but he eventually found it and then, “Ah ha! I got it before you!” shouted Brockan.

“I never liked you Brockan. You will never get away with this!” Korwen replied.

Then Tenko woke up.

“Where’s my axe, where’s my axe aaaaaaahhhhhh!” he screamed. Then he woke Kali up

“What’s the problem?“ whispered Kali.

“SOMEONE STOLE MY AXE,” Tenko shouted. He rushed outside as quick as light on a roller-skate. The axe was one of the most important things of his life. He wanted to blow up.


He saw Brockan holding the axe. “The axe is mine not yours,” Tenko shouted.

“Korwen tried to steal it,” replied Brockan.

“Never,” Korwen said sarcastically.  

Brockan dropped the brilliant bronze axe it went clang.

“Korwen, did you try and steal Tenko’s axe?” Kali cried.

Then they ran into Birno and Stempsi.

“What’s happening here?” shouted Stempsi.   

 “Korwen tried to steal my axe,” said Tenko.

“Then I saved It because I was still awake so I tried to save it and I just about did,” said Brockan.

“So can you tell Korwen off,” said Kali.

“Yes certainly,” said Birno.

“Yay,” said all.

 But in the middle off the night, Tenko had a bad dream about Korwen cutting the bronze axe with a simple stone axe. Meanwhile Korwen had the same dream and that could be his revenge! Da Da dun. 

By Toby Frost 


Korwens Revenge

As Kali and Brockan settled down for their evening tea, Tenko had already gone to his nice cosy bed as he needed to have the energy for the fantastic festival the next day.  In the kitchen Stempsi and Berno were preparing their own meal for the night.

Afew hours later, everyone in the whole house was asleep, a pin drop could have been heard. Lots of people outside the hut were setting up a festival for Tenko, but they had absolutely no idea what or who was lurking in the forest of doom nearby.

Meanwhile in the dangerous forest, Korwen chatted quietly to his brother Kwaren.

“So what will the plan be?” asked Kwaren inquisitively.

“Well I’m not sure, but it will probably be that I go into Tenko’s room and try and kill him or just chop part of him off!” Korwen replied excitedly.

“OK” murmured Kwaren, “We’d better start now or they might wake up.”

So the two of them wandered casually up to the house where Tenko lived. They wandered down all the passageways as silently as mice. As they did so Kwaren asked Korwen “What will happen if it goes wrong?”

“I don’t know,” whispered Korwen, “But it will definitely involve blood.”

When they did eventually find Tenko’s room, they found a little peephole that they could look through.

“What should we do now?” asked Kwaren.

“Well I’m not sure if he’s asleep yet so I think we should wait a bit longer as we don’t want to get caught red handed.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” Said Kwaren. But, as he took his next step, his foot went ‘thump’ on the ground a bit too loudly. As soon as this happened Tenko woke up and was aware of the situation. He kept as still as a dead sloth. Steam was coming out of his ears because he knew it was Korwen and he hated Korwen. But he kept his anger inside.

“Do you think we should have waited a bit longer?” asked Kwaren quietly.

“No” whispered Korwen “He will definitely be asleep.”

So in one swift movement Korwen opened the door.

He looked for the bronze axe. He saw the bronze axe but it was right by Tenko’s side. So he reached across Tenko’s stone bed and picked up the axe. He lifted it high above his head. Swiftly he brought the axe down on Tenko. Tenko screamed with pain. His arm was now separated from his body. Tenko stole the axe off Korwen and sliced his head off. Quickly and quietly, Korwen fell to the floor.

The next day after Tenko’s arm had been bandaged up, the festival was cancelled. Tenko knew he would have to face another punishment, and he did. His hand was chopped off. He was very lucky to still be alive. Also to make sure nobody got hurt Lokar banned the axe from use. And after that they didn’t have any more problems.


By Tom Hunt


Korwen’s revenge

A couple of days after Korwen had been wounded by Brockan, he was planning his revenge on Tenko. He was sitting in a quiet corner thinking of how he would get it.

“I know what I am going to do to revenge him,” he said quietly to himself as an idea popped into his head. “I will start a fire in the village and blame it on Tenko.”

Meanwhile back at Brockan’s house, Tenko and Brockan were planning what they would do for the rest of the day.

“Could we go hunting or fishing?” Brockan suggested.

Happily, Tenko replied “Yes we can. I like the sound of that.”

So that was settled. Tenko and Brockan would go down to Tenko’s boat so they could go fishing.

Meanwhile Korwen was finalising his plans. “I will creep along the alley to the other side of the village, start a fire and leave it unguarded. Then, when they find it, I will blame it on Tenko.”

Later that afternoon, Tenko and Brockan went down to Tenko’s boat with Birno’s permission. That day the sea was as rough as grass swaying in a massive storm. The water beckoned to people to use it. Splash went the oars as Tenko rowed against a very strong current. On the other hand the current did not matter as Tenko was very strong. The grey stormy sky was threatening to thunder and rain even more heavily.

“This is a really stormy day today which makes it really tough going,” Tenko shouted so as to be heard.

Shouting, so as also to be heard, Brocken replied, “Yes I know.”

Back in the village, Korwen was getting a couple of flints to start a fire with. Once he had found a couple of suitable flints and lots of good sticks he started a fire and then went off.

 A couple of minutes later Birno found the fire and shouted: “Who started a fire and left it unguarded?”

“Tenko did!” came a shout from the village. Some people started searching the village for Tenko as they did not like him that much. Other people did not because they did not want him to get into trouble as they thought he could be useful to them.

Meanwhile out in the bay, Tenko and Brockan were catching lots of fish.

“Do you not think it is time to head back now?” Brockan asked.

“Yes. We should see what all the commotion in the village is about,” Tenko replied.

When Tenko and Brockan got back to the village Birno shouted: “Tenko is here he DID NOT start the fire!” With this everyone came rushing.

Then Tenko spoke. “Here is the proof that I did not start the fire.” Then he showed everyone the bag of fish that they had caught.

For most people (especially the ones who liked Tenko), that was enough proof that he had not started the fire. For those ones they just went back to what they were doing before Birno shouted.

On the other hand some people still thought that it was Tenko so they stayed to try and prove it was him.

Tenko then had an idea.

“How about I have a race up the dunes against Korwen and then whoever wins did not start the fire.”

“Ok Tenko I bet I will beat you though,” Korwen replied.

They were going to race across the dunes.

“Go!” Birno shouted. Tenko and Korwen started racing across the dunes. As the finish line came into sight Tenko was half a mile ahead of Korwen.

“I won ha-ha-ha -ha-ha-ha-ha-ha you lost!” Tenko shouted. That was enough for everyone so they all went back to their tasks.

When Korwen had found his way to the same quiet corner as he had been in when he had made his plan he was talking quietly to himself.

“That plan did not work. I will have to think of another plan at some point so I can still get my revenge. Obviously it will have to take into account any plans that Tenko could be making or that one will fail as well. I feel disappointed after that defeat by Tenko because I should have won. I am better than him. I do not get why most people have changed.”


By William Longlands 

Korwen’s Revenge

Tenko was out at the beach one day, fixing his brilliant brown boat (as he had caught it on a rock and it now had a small hole in it). While he was out, Brockan and Kali were playing tiddlywinks on the hard, cold stone floor next to Kali’s bed.

“I won!” Kali cried delightedly, punching the air.

“You always win,” Brockan sighed. He rolled his dark brown eyes.

“It’s because I have played it more than you. You are half my age!” Kali laughed, imitating his funny eye roll.

Meanwhile, Korwen was creeping as quiet as a mouse up to the house. He stopped outside the open front door and tuned into the sibling’s conversation.

“So,” Brockan began. “Where has Father hidden Tenko’s axe?”

“Oh, it is hidden under his wolf skin blanket, in the heather,” Kali replied crisply. “He doesn’t want anymore…trouble.”

Brockan nodded happily. He was proud to be trusted with this grown-up piece of information.

“I won’t tell, promise,” Brockan announced.

Korwen laughed, and then he froze.

“Shall we close the door?” Kali asked. “Some people might hear us.”

She walked over and pushed it shut. Relieved, Korwen ambled away.

At the dead of night, he came back. He very gently slid the stone slab to the side, then crept in. the stone dresser stood gloomily against the wall in front of him. He shivered like a jelly in the cold atmosphere.

CRASH! He heard something fall to the floor. Holding his breath, he crept on, cursing silently to himself.

Soon the gleaming axe was lying in his hands. He fingered all the curves and the one long sharp edge. He remembered what had happened last time, and his eyes flickered menacingly. Glancing at his small scar, he decided he would take action.  Not caring if he was heard or not, he sprinted over to Tenko’s bed. Furiously, he slammed the axe down on the bedclothes. He heard Tenko scream.

Korwen laughed. “Take that! And that!” he screamed crazily.

SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Went the axe. Suddenly he saw Tenko’s head pop up from behind the stone bed. Korwen dropped the axe in surprise.

“But I thought you were in bed?” he stammered.

“No, I fell out and made a large crash just a few minutes ago. I spilt the tiddlywinks all over the floor so I was just picking….” Tenko winked.

“Get out of here!” screamed Birno. He was so angry steam was coming out of his ears. He grabbed Korwen and shoved him out. Tenko rescued his axe and ran after him.

“I will get that little….” He screamed, running towards the door. Birno cut off his sentence.

“Don’t retaliate. He is going crazy. Just leave him be. He can sort out his own problems,” Birno said calmly.

“You are right,” said Stempsi. “Just ignore him.”

Brockan bolted out of bed like a speeding bullet.

“Where’s the fire?” he shouted.

Jokingly, Kali said: “Over there! Just outside our door!”

Brockan burst into tears.

“Kali!” sighed Stempsi. “Don’t worry, Brockan. There is no fire. We just had a bit more trouble with Crazy Korwen, though.”

“Did he…” Brockan began.

“I will maybe tell you later. For now, go back to sleep.”

“Ok,” Kali and Brockan chorused, and did as they were told.

“I will call an emergency meeting,” Birno announced worriedly. “Until it has been resolved, I will be away. Don’t worry, Stempsi, I will come back.”

Birno strode out of the door, while the rest of his family fell asleep.

By next morning, Birno had resolved the problem. He and the other men had decided to banish Korwen from Skara Brae. They had sent him off with a wooden flask of water and a deer steak in each hand, in Tenko’s boat.

Kali wondered why Tenko had been so keen to get rid of it.

“Aren’t you sad about Korwen taking your boat?” she asked.

“No,” Tenko giggled. “It has a hole in it!”


by Daisy MacDonald


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