End of the Year

Wow, today has come round really quickly – the year has passed so quickly and looking back we have done so much.

The Year 6’s did superbly well today to create the best leavers assembly I have seen at Liss Junior – they really did themselves proud and there weren’t many dry eyes! A very well deserved WELL DONE. Unfortunately I have no photos from the event but Mrs Frost has agreed to send me some of the photos that she took.

Finally, I was totally overwhelmed by the number of  gifts I received today from the class – they are truly beautiful. I will try hard to kept the flowers from dying and will limit myself with the chocolates and wine!

Here are some photos of the gifts

IMG_0371 IMG_0373 IMG_0375


I tried hard to get all the gifts in the photos – especially Amy’s trinket. unfortunately I couldn’t include Ollie’s Pompey gifts but I left them in school to use next year!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone, I appreciate all of your kind thoughts and am glad that I helped you all to have a good year but, at the end of the year, you have to realise that working as a team made everything possible.



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