Streatley on Thursday

Wantage was the first stop in our travels today. We went to the Vale and Downland Museum and found out about the landscape of the area through a short video. Then we split into three groups – green, red and yellow – and went to two different workshops.

One workshop was finding out about wool and what made our clothes. We learnt how they used to spin sheep wool to make their clothes and we got to feel some fleece. Then we made some bracelets for ourselves using wool.

Our workshop was in a Victorian kitchen, where we had to compare our own kitchens to the Victorian one. The main difference was electricity. They had to use bed warmers (as there was no central heating), they used carpet beaters and their mops were just sticks with rags put on the end.

We listened to a story about Flibbertygibbert and Wayland Smithy.

Afterwards we enjoyed an icelolly in the garden in the sun.

Then we went to White Horse Hill for the afternoon.

First we picnicked then we walked (through sheep poo) to Wayland Smithy which is an ancient tomb. We did some maths to make an estimate on how many people would fit into the tomb. We guessed 522 but it would actually hold about 700 – according to Mr Meckiffe!

After sketching we endured a long walk up towards the highest point in Oxfordshire where we had a photo call and spent ages flying our kites and attempting to fly model aeroplanes – it was a bit too windy for those.

On the way back to the minibuses Sam fell into a ditch – and Anna has the photo to prove it!

It was a super day however we are now quite tired and looking forward to coming home!

See you all tomorrow.

Lauren, Emily, Anna, Lucy, Maisy and Hannah.


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2 Responses to Streatley on Thursday

  1. aburford says:

    Glad to see that you had good weather for your trip to Whitehorse Hill. Enjoy Bucklebury and have a safe journey home.

  2. Julie Hodkinson says:

    You certainly are filling your days! I imagine you’ll all be asleep on the bus back after all that fresh air. Can’t wait to see you back and hear all about the week xx

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