Streatley on Wednesday

We started the day with rain, rain and more rain and a happy birthday for Emily, who received cards and presents from home. Luckily, it ended with the sun shining and a super birthday cake shared between us all.


Today we went to the dinosaur museum, when we got there we went in a super big hall. We saw lots of things the scariest part was ‘the shrunken heads’. My favourite part is when we got told about dinosaurs by Chris the dinosaur man. And Felix did a fossilised poop!

Tom Gilbertson


Today we went to Pitt Rivers and dinosaur museum. In the dinosaur museum was a lot of dinosaur bones, gems, crystals, bugs and lots more. After all of that we had to go back and do more studying.

Felix Coomber


Today we went Oxford Natural History Museum where we saw a huge collection of skeletons and fossils. We also went to a 3 floored museum called Pitt Rivers where there were guns, samurai armour, axes, boats and lots more old interesting things. There were 2 shops at Oxford one in the natural history museum which had lots of crystals and other amazing things. The shop at Pitt Rivers had lucky charms and catapult pencil sharpeners.




Today we went to a dinosaur themed building in Oxford with lots of stuffed animals and different objects from different cultures and different weaponry. Chris put fossilised poo in his mouth (disgusting). My favourite part was when I saw all the guns and swords at Pitt Rivers the most ridiculous

part was when I saw all of the shrunken heads with hair it was really interesting and I learnt stuff I never knew before.

Josh Edgington

Streatley is a good place to go because you learn new things every day and fun education –  like today we went to Pitt Rivers museum and Oxford Natural History museum. At the Pitt Rivers museum we saw lots of different stuff it was so creepy seeing the shrinking heads. Also the Natural History museum was so epic because we got to see the dinosaurs. We saw lots and lots of statues of dinosaurs they were gigantic.

Soon after we went into this room with Chris, he is the expert of dinosaurs and we looked at fossils, really old ones about 100 million years ago. Chris showed us some brown fossils tiny ones and we figured out what they were – the answer was poo. Disgusting right, but really stone poo so it is hard. At the end we got to spend the four pounds (that we got off Mr. Gilbertson in the morning) before we left. Most people bought the crystal stones,  which were £1.50, at the shop before we went back to Streatley.

By Oakley Snowdon

Today we went to two museums. My favourite two parts were the massive T-Rex and the giant sword from Germany. A man called Chris, the dinosaur man, put dino poo/copralite in his mouth! Luckily it was fossilised.

Pitt Rivers museum was really cool as well because there were shrunken heads and weapons. I would love to go back again.

By Harvey Dean

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4 Responses to Streatley on Wednesday

  1. Julie Hodkinson says:

    You seem to be having lots of fun! Hope Emily had a nice birthday. Hope the rain holds off tomorrow xx

  2. aburford says:

    Glad to hear that many of you enjoyed the Pitt Rivers Museum, one of my favourites. I hear that Chris is still eating dinosaur poo – I wish someone would feed him properly!

  3. Wow you all seem to be having a great time! Say hello to Ben from me.. Sarah

  4. Jo Patterson says:

    Hello everyone

    We were only just told that you were blogging your trip – sorry not to have commented earlier. Glad to see that you are all having a great time and keeping super busy. Fab photos! Can’t wait to have you back home tomorrow to hear all about it! : ) Jo

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