Streatley on Tuesday

On Tuesday 3rd June we went to Blenheim Palace. Whilst we were there we went into the beautiful garden to do some sketches and I drew a type of rocky water feature. I was really pleased with my peace of work as I thought I put a lot of detail into it.


Also today, we went to see the Rollright Stones and we had to write a poem about the ‘mystery’ of the stones, here is my acrostic poem.

R ollright is a mystery,

O nly of the stones,

L ittle elves take them away and add them,

L urking past your feet,

R ight when you count a second,

I t will seem the answer has changed,

G et the same answer a third time,

H ere, you might as well,

T he weird stones will curse you


S o then you will be there no more,

T he Rollright town is a mystery,

O nly of the stones,

N o one knows the answer,

E ven the brainiest scientists,

S o warn your friends and family, warn them of the Rollright stones.




The best bit about today was the maze at Blenheim palace.  We found out about Victorians life, secret entrances and loads of trap doors.  These were used by butlers and servants.  There were lots of big massive paintings and paintings on the ceiling and a big church.
Under the church there are dead bodies stored.

The adventure playground was big, so was the maze.  At the front of the maze there is a map, but we still got lost in the maze.  There were loads of big butterflies and colourful butterflies, and it was hot in the butterfly house.  The train was fun and it went through a little tunnel.

Then we went to the Rollright stones.  They are big stones in a circle.  When you counted the stones you might get 70 counted, or on the second count, you might get 68.  Maybe you need a lot of people to watch the stones, maybe they vanish.

Bradley and Alby

I enjoyed going to the place see where the Duke of Marlborough lives and the different Victorian rooms.  We even got to see the bedroom that Winston Churchill was born in.  On the ceilings and walls there were woven rugs and paintings of different dukes and duchesses that lived in Queen Victoria’s time.  My favourite part was going to the little train which took us to the adventure playground.  I had a really good day!



P.S. 9.45 pm and the children are all fast asleep! Happy Days!

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4 Responses to Streatley on Tuesday

  1. Julie, Hannah's Mum says:

    Great to see you all having so much fun!! Looks like the weather was kind today too. Thanks for letting us know what you’ve been up to!!

  2. Philippa Murray says:

    Hey sis, you look great as a nurse!! Hope you are all having as much fun at Streatley as I did a few years ago!! xx

  3. aburford says:

    Wow it looks as though you had a great time at Blenheim. The Rollright Stones are always mysterious!

  4. The sun is shining! Particularly like the photo of Miss Helby on the swing although I will take your word that its her.. 🙂

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