MG’s Class Treat

The children really enjoyed the last lesson today as they unpacked their electronic toys for our class treat. Cameras flashed as they shared their photos and games were played . For those who had forgotten there was always a mini laptop or computer!

IMG_3981IMG_3983 IMG_3986IMG_3988IMG_3987IMG_3989IMG_3990IMG_3991IMG_3994IMG_3996IMG_3985IMG_3993

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5 Responses to MG’s Class Treat

  1. Sarah Redfern says:

    Great photos! Thank you.. Sarah

  2. Great photos! Thank you..

  3. Julie Hodkinson says:

    Can’t get over how grown up they all look! Good to see hem having fun.

  4. Clare Dove says:

    Sounds like a great class treat!

  5. Harvey Keenan says:

    me and Ben Redfern were busy playing a game called boxheads, shame Bens pants were showing 🙂

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