Ghost Stories By MG

Here are a selection of Ghost Stories written by children in the class.

 The Haunted House              By Amy park

 Crystal and Sapphire moved to a new house with their mum and dad because their house was old and dusty. Sapphire didn’t know where she was going but Crystal knew it was near the sea. They got to the new house, Crystal and Sapphire were surprised that it was by the sea. They could see that the new house was good.

“I love the new house!” shouted Sapphire. So they went back to get their suitcases. They went back to the new house and they unpacked.

They walked on the beach because they wanted to check the place out. They left mum and dad to unpack. They both were looking to find some new friends. Sapphire and Crystal went back to their house. They went to get some food.

It was close to the evening. Crystal and Sapphire went to bed their Mum and Dad told them something.

“Do not go to the beach in the evening please because the tide comes in quickly.” said Mum and Dad. So they talked about the new town. It is very quiet because there are not that many people.

Sapphire wanted to go to the beach every evening Crystal said “NO!” But because Sapphire is the oldest one they did want she wanted. So they went on the beach in the evening Crystal saw a young girl called Mary and another girl called Imogen.A weird thing is that they saw her every evening.

One evening Sapphire and Crystal were walking on the sandy beach and the tide was so close to them that they were rushing to not get cut off by the tide but they were not quick enough and they got cut off by the tide.

Mary and Imogen arrived at the beach they saw crystal and Sapphire. Mary rescued them and they said “Thank you.” So they went back to their house.

They went to the attic and they saw a photo of Mary and Imogen and they saw an old paper and the report said two children called Mary and Imogen got cut off by the tide and they died. Crystal and Sapphire thought that they were ghosts.


Ghost Story by Anna Lezdkan

 Betty began her normal day by getting up and out of her soft bed, going to have breakfast, and then getting changed into her every day clothes. Betty was 25, and loved to paint. In fact, her best skill was painting, drawing, sketching, anything to do with art. After breakfast, Betty would go of to her dusty study were she would paint all day. Today there was a new thing in her traditional schedule. Her friend Lily had asked her to her birthday treat. The two of them were going to the National Gallery before going to a fun park.

Bearing all this in mind, Betty got out her dirty painting set and a new white papers to draw on. She was just deciding what to draw when the doorbell rang.

“Yes!” screamed Betty, and scrambled, down the wooden stairs to the front door. Betty forgot to look out of the porch window to check who it was ringing to doorbell (as she was so sure it was Lily). Yanking open the door (which then creaked) with all her might, Betty stared out of the door. Her eyes widened into big circles. It wasn’t Lily. In fact it wasn’t anyone she recognised at all. The person’s feet hardly touched the mossy ground and Betty could see right through the person’s see-through body. In front of Betty was a small girl, about 8 years old. Her hair was long and straight, but Betty couldn’t tell what colour it was. Her clothes were old, but they were grand. She wore a big ball gown, and looked as if she had come from the royal family. Her shoes were shiny and Betty could tell they glistened in the light, even though she was see-through. Betty’s senses had flown away and she didn’t hear the smoke alarm go off…

Betty continued to stare whilst the fire alarm went off. Next, one of her annoyed neighbours appeared at her front door and Betty found herself being shouted at.

“Betty, what do you think you’re doing, standing there looking gob smacked, whilst your house is on fire!” shouted the neighbour. Betty suddenly found all her senses and a funny feeling came over her. All of a sudden, she could smell the smoke, feel the boiling heat and hear the crackling fire.

“I didn’t…  It didn’t occur to me,” she finally stammered still staring at the girl. Then she blinked as some smoke met her eyes and when she opened them again, the ghostly child had disappeared.

“Betty dear, get down those steps before you end up like the rest of the house,” said the neighbour offering a hand. She said this very calmly realising that Betty was in a trance. Betty stumbled down the brick steps as a fire engine pulled up in to the stony drive.

“Come dear and have a cuppa at mine before these people overload you with questions. My name is Janet by the way.”

Thankfully, Betty followed Janet into her humble house and into her cosy living room. But before she reached the sofa, Betty stopped dead in her tracks. For there on the mantelpiece was a sculpture of the girl who had been on her doorstep just a few minutes ago.

“ Um, Janet, Um who is that?” Betty stammered through her shock and surprise, as she pointed a quivering finger at the sculpture. Janet hesitated before answering.

“That is one of my second cousins once removed. Her name was Nichola  Wilson, but everyone called her Nikki. She was alive when I was just 5. We were worst enemies. She was descended from a royal family, and being spoilt, she told me that she would burn my house to bits if I didn’t do what I was told at the time I was told to, even if she died before. She was ill, you see?” Janet looked at her feet as she talked.

“Yes, I see,” said Betty sternly. She was thinking the same things as Janet. If the fire was going to happen, and it was Janet’s fault, Nikki could have easily mistaken Betty for Janet!

“I’m out of here!” shouted Betty, She ran to the door and slipped on something very hard and bumpy. She had slipped on a brick, witch had a note attached to it.

Instead of throwing it at Janet, she took it past her burnt down house and the shouting fire rescuers, into her shed to read it. It was addressed, To the person whose house I have burnt down. Nervously, she opened the note.

I am sorry for the damage I caused,

I will make it up to you some time. I

only wanted to punish Janet. Will

you please throw this at her window for

me. It’s nothing compared to what she deserved.

She has done more to me than disobey me.

I’m sorry. Nikki

Betty’s eyes glanced at the brick. She knew Janet deserved it, but she knew that she shouldn’t throw it. What mattered to her was that Nikki had apologised.

“Oy, something happened. The house has re – built itself, with everything inside. I don’t know what happened, it just happened.” A builder was shouting up the garden. Betty smiled. Nikki had meant what she said.

“Hi Betty coming or not?” Lily had arrived. Betty smiled again and ran down the garden to greet her friend.


The revenge by Anna Reidy

One black and gloomy night three masked figures crept along the lane towards an expensive mansion. This mansion was home to a couple and 2 kids as well as two elderly grandparents and their sisters. The three figures approached the house.

Suddenly there was action. “Smash the camera!” came one shout.

“Run round the back!” shouted another man to the boy. The inexperienced young boy ran round to the back of the house with one man. Within a minute the other man arrived. The two men hoisted the boy through the bathroom window and told him to go round and open the front door.

The boy ran through a couple of statues to open the front door. The 3 robbers ran round the house quietly, collecting all they could. They met outside half an hour later. They exchanged goods and left the house with a fire brewing.

The boy walked home through a narrow lane. He was used to the tricks that this lane pulled at night but still he was ready. He thought he heard a twig crack so he turned round to confront his attacker. His attacker was not even an attacker it was a beautiful young woman. But strangely this attractive woman was transparent “Beware you have robbed the house of a devil you shall have revenge taken upon you.”

The second robber walked home through a black wood each night. He also knew that that this woods was scary and played tricks. He was considering what jewels he had and whether they would be worth enough money to buy himself a decent house. Then he heard a woof so he looked round and was confronted by a sweet Border Collie pup. “You will die!” warned the pup “You shouldn’t have set fire to that mansion!” the man fainted.

The third robber walked home down an open street; across the old railway line and across a drive to reach his house. But as this was simple and easy he didn’t expect to hear a low warning growl behind him. So when he heard this growl he spun round terrified. He was confronted with a snow leopard prowling in front of him. “Your life has ended tonight!” the leopard growled, then it sprung. The man fell…

The next night two robbers met. “Where’s the other robber?” asked the young boy.

“Dead!” was the reply. The boy nodded.

The two sly robbers set off but before they reached there next stop there was a scream. Both robbers spun round expectedly but nothing was there. Suddenly the boy fell forward with a knife in his back piercing his lungs.

The last robber spun round and round with his knife at the ready. Then he was shoved forward onto his own knife and died as it had pierced his lungs. Then all you could hear was the owl’s calls.

Gone by Jessica Bryant

This tale begins on the 3rd, March 2012 in Buckingham Palace.  There are three girls in it and one guide. Now that is all I shall tell you because all of the rest is in this recent tale.

It starts with the three girls, Em, Nia and Jen. They were really good friends to each other, never lied and always helped each other.  They all thought it would be cool to go to Buckingham Palace to see everything, so they went.

Once they had booked to see Buckingham Palace, the one thing they did not realise was they had booked the night tour and bad things had been happening to people on the night tour but they did not know.

So it was time for their trip.  They were so excited that their knees were wobbling badly.  Now it was time to go, they got through the door and it was approximately 8pm.  Five seconds after they entered, the lights went out and then there was a flash of lightning. NIA WAS GONE!

Looking for Nia, she was nowhere to be found.  Then Jen found a passage and there was…… Em, so they looked even further and they found…… the tour guide, so they looked in the one room they had not looked in, and there was……the Queen!  The Queen looked very surprised and said “Bug Off, children”.  Finally, they looked in the Throne Room and they found NIA! She had tied to the throne and had been gagged. They untied her and let her go.  Nia was thrilled to have been found, but was still very shocked.

So Jen and Em were trying to calm Nia down but it did not work.  Eventually, Nia stopped crying and told them what had happened to her.  She explained all of it, about the flash of lightning and the lights going out.  A white figure had taken her away, but then she found out it was the ghost of a tour guide, who had died trying to keep his tourists safe during an air attack. He had taken Nia in the hope that he could take over her body and come back to life, but he did not have enough energy left and simply vanished into thin air. They were all in shock about what had happened, but that was going to be one adventure they would never forget.


Alive or dead? By Hannah Stemp

It is the spring of 2007, in the sleepy county of Somerset, two men were walking quickly along a rough woodland track.  The Sun was just emerging above the treetops, it was going to be a beautiful day.

The men were startled as a small child and his mother appeared – as if from nowhere – on the woodland track ahead of them.

The child had been inside for so long during the winter that he was running ahead, shouting out loud with delight as he rushed on past the two men nearly knocking them over.

“I’m so sorry he hasn’t been out in a while, so he’s a bit all over the place still,” said the woman catching up with them.

“So I can see,” they replied.

“Be careful Andrew, don’t go out of my sight!” she called hurrying after him. It was already too late the child had run on ahead. Andrew’s mother looked everywhere but he had gone and so had the men…

However, just as she was about to give up hope, he came wandering back covered in cob webs and dust.

“Oh Andrew,” she cried rushing towards him­­ “Where did you go? I thought I had lost you or that you had been taken, don’t ever do that again!”

“Mum, listen,” he said, freeing himself from her grasp.


“Come with me, there is a very old house down here and there is strange noises coming from in there, quick.” She followed him down the path, that had been redone, and up some steps to a pair of old, heavy oak doors – that had been left ajar. What was going on?

“Andrew wh…”

“Sshh, listen,” and, just as he had promised, there was someone crying out for help.

“Come on Andrew, let’s go.” She tugged at his arm. But Andrew remained where he was.

“No, we have to help,” and he walked up to the door. Opening it he jumped back, crying out in horror. There in the darkened hallway was a…

…A woman?

“Oh come on it’s only a woman she must have slipped over, let’s help her up, come on.” But, as Andrews’s mother stepped forward, she screamed because it wasn’t just a woman on the floor. It was a stabbed woman on the floor.

“Hhhhheeelllllpppp, please help me,” she murmured.

“What happened?” Andrews mum was kneeling next to her.

“Some men with black rucksacks and blond hair. They robbed me, I tried to stop them and they stabbed me.” Andrew’s mum gasped.

“They? We saw them.” She was bleeding like mad now, they needed to get her to hospital but her family were in town, so they wouldn’t be back for a long time.

“I dropped my phone over there,” Andrew’s mother said and Andrew grabbed it.

“No signal,” he sighed.

“Now what?”

“I hear wheels,” and he went outside. There was a horse drawn carriage trundling slowly up the lane.

“Stop, help, here, stop,” he yelled, waving his arms around like mad. The carriage stopped and a rich couple jumped out. They went inside.

“What happened?” asked the man as the lady knelt down next to the wounded woman and began to examine her carefully. Andrew told him everything.

“Right,” he said taking charge, “Get the phone book, and I will phone the Police, Ambulance and her family.” He indicated to the lady on the floor.

“Rose, clean her up and sort her out, we need to do all we can to help.”

Everyone sprang into action and soon the lady was safely in hospital with her family who had met her there.

A few days later the Police called to let Andrew’s mother know that they had tracked down the two men and they were now in jail and the stolen property had been returned.

It was later that month that Andrew’s mother received a letter saying that the lady that they had found and helped had unfortunately passed away. It was upsetting to hear but the letter explained that she had been I a lot of pain and it was probably for the best anyway.

Each year since her passing her ghost continues to haunt the two men on beautiful spring mornings as the sun rises over the treetops.


The haunted flame! By Naomi Desbois

 It was a normal Saturday morning for the Wood family – up late, breakfast late and getting dressed late! But, unfortunately, today was the day that Molly and Sophie had NOT been looking forward to, the day of the year called tidy day. Well at least it was in their house!

“So then girls, I am going to give you these bin liners for you to go round your bedroom and pick out all the little pieces of rubbish that you no longer need, and when you have done that then you can bring them back here, ok?” said their dad.

“Yep” answered both the girls “Cool!”

So the girls went to their separate rooms and started tidying. It actually quite amazed them to find there were so many things that they had never used or never even touched! After they had completely cleaned their rooms they did what they were told and went to the end of the stairs and, yes, their Dad was still there waiting for them to come back with their bin bags.

“Now we can go to the attic!” said Dad enthusiastically.

Molly had a bizarre feeling as she entered the attic that something bad was going to happen, even though it had never happened before!

Suddenly, Molly pulled at Sophie’s pink jumper and said “Look at that, it is beautiful the lovely red rose on it is amazing!”

“Too bad dad won’t let us keep it!”

“You don’t know that, maybe he will”. Molly went over to Dad and asked him “Dad can you quickly come over here because there is something I want to show you_” “alright then.”

“Look at this amazing candle” said Molly.

“Hmmm” said Dad, “you know that looks exactly the same as a candle my grandma used to have, but she got rid of hers – don’t know why. She died the very next day. Maybe it is haunted!!!!!! No only joking, ghosts are not real.”

“I’m going to put it in my bedroom and light it and it might give me good luck!” said Sophie.

“Oh, I wanted to” replied Molly.

“No I am” said Sophie angrily.

“Shhh_” said dad, “No-one is going to have it in their room because it is going to go on the mantelpiece in the living room.”

So the hours ticked by and it was starting to get dark. Molly and Sophie were very excited to see the wonderful view of this amazing candle being lit.

But not everything went to plan. Instead of being an amazing sight it whooshed up in flames and a magical ghost appeared in the flame. The ghost bellowed “Beware you don’t follow!” and then showed a picture of their great grandma. But before they had a chance to speak the flame whooshed, and went out again. This left them frozen.

And when Dad tried to speak all that came out was “Wow…!”

The next day they had the doctor at their door taking dad away to hospital, maybe because of the candle! After dad had been taken away Sophie and Molly decided to get rid of the haunted candle for good. But when they got in the room it was no longer there. In its place was a pile of ashes.

A few days later there was a ting of the letter box and through it came a brown envelope saying “Thanks for the candle.” But who was it from…?


A Ghost Story by Tarn Hutton


“Come, sit down next to me, my boy and let me tell you a strange and unusual story.”

One night, your grandmother Jo and I were driving back from a party. The night was bright from the full moon, there were woods on either side of the road, it was a narrow dirt track. Strange things were said to have happened there in the past.

“People go missing on this road, like the old mechanic Bob from Ladymead Lane,” said Jo.

“I know,” I replied with a nervous tone like something bad was about to happen.

Then the car started to make a coughing sound, and at that moment it stopped.

”Stay in the car,” I told Jo.

I opened the car door and went to look at the bonnet. But, half way there I saw something in the trees, something strange. I thought it must have been a figment of my imagination. So I carried on towards the bonnet when I saw it again. This time I was sure of it, I knew there was something there. ”Hello” there was no reply. ”Hello.” I said again but this time a bit louder than before, but still no reply. By now I was terrified.

I got myself together and walked as fast as I could to the bonnet. When I got there I realised I forgot the monkey wrench “Jo can you give me the monkey wrench” I said holding out my hand laughing to myself, because Jo had no idea what a monkey wrench was. But to my surprise it landed in my hand with a thud. I fixed the car and got back in.

“I was surprised you knew what a monkey wrench was Jo and where it was.”

“What do you mean? I was here the whole time.”

Then who passed me the wrench? A cold shiver ran up my spine like someone walked over my grave – Bob?


Le Château hanté de Cognac by Phoebe Vernon-Smith

“Daddy, are we nearly there yet?” This question had been asked many times throughout the journey which, since getting off the ferry at Caen, had taken almost six hours! The Connor family had booked the west wing of a 16th century French Chateau for a two week summer holiday. The Chateau was in the middle of nowhere with the closest town of Cognac being a twenty minute drive away, but mum and dad had assured Tom, aged 12, and Katie, aged 10, that they were in for a big adventure! However, as they finally pulled up outside the old gloomy looking building the children and their brown and white King Charles spaniel called Teddy were not so sure.

The family were met by Madame Ambrose who had been the housekeeper at the Chateau for the last thirty years. As the children and Teddy stood by the car they noticed a ghostly shadow at one of the attic windows. Whimpering, Teddy hid behind Katie and Tom who looked at each other. Trying to hide their fear, they quickly looked away and turned their attention back to Madame Ambrose.  They picked up their rucksacks and followed her into the house, but as they walked through the large front door with peeling red paint the children and Teddy felt very uneasy.

Once inside they noticed each of the rooms they walked past were full of old, dusty furniture that looked like it had been there for years, but there was also an amazing smell which distracted the children. They were led into a huge farmhouse style kitchen with a long table, which had been laid with the most delicious cakes and pastries. Hungrily, the Conner’s tucked in whilst Madame Ambrose gave them a little history of the Chateau, proudly stating that her family had always held positions amongst the staff and how there had been a terrible fire many years ago. “There was a lot of damage to the building, but the staff at the time managed to save some of the furniture” she finished with a tear in her eye.

“Dear me! Dear me!” Mum said sounding quite sad herself.

“You’re very welcome to go and explore the Chateau, but DO NOT go into the attic!” were Madame Ambrose’s last words before she walked swiftly off.

Over the next couple of days the children were kept busy with cycling, swimming and shopping in the local town. The children and Teddy had been both frightened and excited at the same time when they saw the shadow at the window of the attic and although they had been told NOT to go into the attic they were dying to go inside and explore! Katie also wondered about Madame Ambrose and her family. “Maybe something happened at the Chateau to someone in her family_” Katie whispered to Tom and Teddy.

“Didn’t Dad and I move that table over by the window Katie?” asked Tom.                                                                                         “Oh yeah, I thought you moved it there too!” Katie said kind of spooked.

“Then how has it got back over by the wall?” Tom pondered. Teddy’s tail twitched. Then it twitched again.

“It’s alright Teddy, calm down. There’s a good boy” Katie assured him. “I knew that this Chateau had something strange about it!” Tom and Teddy agreed.

“We need to go and get some things from the supermarket” exclaimed Mum. “The fridge is empty!”

“Madame Ambrose is happy for you three to stay here so be good and remember don’t go into the attic!” Dad told them quite sternly. “Have fun, bye!” they both shouted walking out of the creaky door. As the children heard the car head off up the drive Teddy gave them a worried look; he knew exactly what they both wanted to do!

All of a sudden there was an eerie silence…. then a strong gust of wind came and everything in the room changed to a different place. Although it was a beautifully sunny day, it was dark and it was cold in the room. “What was that?” asked a terrified Katie. The three could not move a muscle but Katie wanted to curl up into a ball as small as a mouse. There was a whimper and Teddy hid too. “Tom, what’s happening?” Katie whispered “Something is haunting us!” Katie carried on.

The air was foggy, even though they were inside! “I think the only way we are going to find the answer to that question is by going to have a look in the attic!” suggested Tom.

Mum and Dad had assured them all that they would have lots of fun whilst in France, but since seeing the ghostly shadow at the attic window when they arrived they had known immediately that this Chateau was very strange! Even though the children and Teddy were scared they just had to find out what was haunting them! “Tonight” Tom began “we will go up into the attic at exactly 12:00pm and see what is happening up there” Tom finished. Everyone trembled with fear.

“O…o…ok” Katie stammered.

“Woof, woof.” Teddy agreed.

The clock struck midnight and it was time to solve the mystery! The children changed into black clothes so they didn’t stand out and they brought their head torches so they could see where they were going. The three set off into the darkness quietly closing the bedroom door behind them and, as they tiptoed up the stairs, they could hear strange noises that seemed to be coming from the attic. They walked in single file; Tom first, then Katie and Teddy – dragging his paws behind him. They tried to creep silently, but when they stepped on all the loose floorboards they creaked like branches blowing in the wind. The minutes seemed like hours as they walked silently along the corridors and up three flights of stairs. “Are we almost there?” asked Katie who was terrified.

“Nearly!” whispered Tom. “Look I can make out the attic door.”

Tom thought how tiny the door looked. He was going to have to duck as he went though it! Their original plan had been that Katie would turn the handle and Tom would go into the attic first, but as they reached the door Katie said “I’ve changed my mind! I don’t want to do this anymore!” Tom knew there was no time to loose so he dashed to the door and tried to turn the handle, but it wouldn’t budge. It was locked! The children looked at each other in horror. They hadn’t thought about a key! Quickly they retreated back down the stairs, but as they went there was another eerie silence, another strong gust of wind whistled past them and their head torches flickered. As their light came back there was no denying what the children could see…… It was definitely a GHOST!!!

The children screamed. Katie grabbed Teddy and they ran as fast as lightening back to their room, but all the commotion had woken their parents and Madame Ambrose.

“Whatever is the matter?” exclaimed Madame Ambrose.

“Gggg gggg gghost” blurted Tom. The children were as white as snow.

“You’ve been up to the attic haven’t you?” shouted Madame Ambrose. “I TOLD you not to do that. Now you’ve upset my Great, Great Grandmother. That is why all this is happening!”

“Madame Ambrose we are very sorry that out children have disobeyed you and upset your Great, Great Grandmother” said Dad_ “but Tom, Katie and Teddy are obviously very frightened so could we talk about this calmly?”

“I’ll make everyone some hot chocolate” suggested mum.

Once they were all sat round the kitchen table with a mug of warm hot chocolate in their hands and the orange glow from the fire lit the room, Madame Ambrose explained that the children had in fact seen a ghost, but that she wouldn’t have harmed them as she is the ghost of her Great, Great Grandmother who had sadly been killed in the fire many years ago.

“She was the housekeeper at the time and very proud of the Chateau. She was trying to save as much as possible, but was overcome by the thick smoke. Ever since that day her spirit has never left this Chateau and normally she is quiet, but if somebody moves her furniture then she gets very cross!”

“So if we put the furniture back your Great, Great Grandmother will be happy again?” asked Katie in a very nervous voice.

“Yes and the rest of your holiday will be ghost free!” Madam Ambrose assured them.

So that is exactly what the Connor family did.

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