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Well the first week of the half term sped by and the children were kept busy learning all about time. Some children find this subject really hard and it would be appreciated if you can encourage the children to tell the time using clocks at home and asking them questions like ‘How long is this TV programme on for?’

We began looking at formal texts and investigated the language used in these. The children will be creating their own application forms for a make believe club.

We have typed up our odes and I am pleased to be able to post a few more here today.

Odo to my Rabbit


O wonderful Smokey

You are so cheeky

How glows your eye

Your fluff is so soft


You look like wonderful chocolate

I don’t want you to die

You are my glorious rabbit


By Amy Park


Minecraft by Harvey Dean

Oh hail ye mighty minecraft.

How your game play is so divine.

How I can mine with friends all day.


The amount of mobs I kill every day.

I love ye mighty Minecraft.

The one I will play till the end of time

Oh Minecraft how I will never play another

My house as big as a palace


By Harvey Dean



Ode to Robbie

Oh beautiful sleek coated Robbie

Oh how your muscles ripple as you gallop with the hunt.

Oh how you soar over 3 foot 4 fences.

Oh how your mane flows

Never shall I ride another

Never shall I pet another

Never shall I film another

Never shall I compete another

Your mane flows under my touch.

Your smell fills my nose like flowers

Trust me the yard would never be the same without you

By Anna Reidy


Ode to my beautiful sleek Ipad…


O, Ipad

I love your light weight materials from china

No cheap android

You are apple, sweet apple.

I divulge in your tiny flashing lights.

Green, red, and blue.

What would I do if your battery died

I would buy another one that is why I love you


By Ben Sellers


Violin Ode

Oh beautiful Violin,

I love the way your smooth wood,

Smells purely like the outside nature,

The way the shiny wood,

Glints in the light.


Oh wonderful violin,

I admire the way,

Your strings,

Stretch across your smooth body,

The way they ping,

When I tell them to.

Oh friendly Violin

I adore the way,

Your Rosin

Produces your lovely sound,

The way the sleek bow

Streams across your strings.

By Anna Lezdkan


Don’t forget next week is our French Fashion Show and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday.





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