MG’s Got Talent

Wow! What an end to the half term! The school council arranged a fantastic Talent Show and many children in MG shared their talents.

Oakley entertained us all on the drums; Anna L played an excellent piece on her violin; Anna R was superb on the piano; Hannah M & Jessica created an amusing short film which was screened to the school; Lucy played her guitar in the school rock band; Hannah S and Naomi shared their art and Eddie entertained us to a song and a dance. What a talented bunch!

Hannah won the art competition and arrangements will be made for her artwork to go on show.


Eddie won the dance category and, reportedly, brought tears to the eyes of Mr Burford.
Here are pictures of our brilliant bunch.

Hannah's winning entry

Hannah’s winning entry

Eddie in full swing

Eddie in full swing

Our talented group

Our talented group

In Literacy we have been working on poetry and the class have created some fantastic odes. I hope that we will have an opportunity to type these up after half term but here are four that deserve special recognition as they were shared with Mr Burford. Bradley and Kaylee  find Literacy quite challenging at times but both produced a really good poem independently.

The Cute Puppy

The fluffy soft fur

And short fat tail

The floppy ears

Your chubby cheeks

You are beautiful

I never want to

Loose you

We will have

A fun walk


By Bradley


The book

O wonderful book

You are everything to me

The way you tell me stories

Your stories tickle my tongue

You are a book

A wonderful book.

By Kaylee


Ode to Chocolate

Oh mighty chocolate

My heart aches without you

You are so heavenly

And we were definitely meant to be

I admire your glorious decoration

With your sweet and appetising taste

Your luscious fillings are so divine

It is obviously true that you were made by cherubs

Everyone should bow down and adore you

For all that it’s worth I would be

Your humble and loyal servant forever more


By Hannah M


My door

My door! My glorious door!

How I love the curve of your handle

And how smoothly you glide open

The imperfections of your wood that make you complete

I cherish your lock

The click it makes when I turn the lock on and off


I still remember the day I bough you

The trip to B & Q

Searching the shelves for a door

Then I saw you

Angels dancing around you


So easy to set up

Just a few screws through your latches

Your wonderful latches

I shall never swing another door

Lock another door

Buy another

And never, ever paint another

My wonderful divine beloved door

My door…


By Thomas G


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  1. Karen Frost says:

    I just wanted to say that as one of the judges for the Talent Show my job was VERY hard!! I thought all the acts were brilliant and every category was very difficult to decide. I had a very enjoyable afternoon thank you! Well done guys!!

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