This week I have let the children in the class create the blog. Anna Lezdkan and Lucy Munter have contributed the following:

In class MG we have been learning about Europe. We have been studying all the country’s in Europe and Creating Fact files about them. We have produced PowerPoint’s and presentations to show and tell the class about them.
Recently we have been making top trump cards about all the country’s in Europe. We have included information like the average annual rainfall and the population. We have also included the area of each country. It has taken us at least 2 lessons to produce these.

MG note –
The children have thoroughly enjoyed using atlases to find out more about Europe and we began thinking about how we are linked to Europe.
Here are some of the top trump cards we have made – I think you will agree they are really good.

Europe Top Trumps slideshow

We have also been learning about Microsoft Publisher and started creating our own leaflets. Unfortunately,  only a few have been finished so I have added them here –Anna L Thomas Gosney

Lucy has added this note

Some girls in our class have decided to organise a petition about the closure of Longmoor Ranges to cyclists and horse riders. They have decide to pass it round all the classes and then give it to the Ministry of Defence (MOD)

Hopefully they will re-open it to the public. If you agree with us please leave a comment.

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