w/e 17th January – Europe

This week we began our topic on Europe in earnest and the children enjoyed looking in atlases and finding out facts about different countries within Europe.

Some of the countries we found out about were:


Most pupils created fact files and presented them to the class. Tom and Lucy prepared theirs on Andorra.

The children have been set a homework challenge, which is due in on 6th February, centered around their countries and the Winter Olympics. Their challenge is to assess the probability of their country to win any Olympic medals. This should be based on the features of their country – both landscape, climate and facilities. It is due in the day before the Olympics begin and we will be creating a chart in class to follow the successes of their respective countries.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed looking through the atlases in class and we will be continuing to do this, using the keys on the maps to find out more about Europe.

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