Happy New Year Everyone.

What a great start we have had to the New Year. Our assembly on Wednesday went really well and it was good to see so many parents attending.

For those of you who couldn’t attend, we shared: a fraction song that we have been learning that helps us to remember how to work with fractions: an historical debate based on whether to build the Parthenon or not and our Kung Fu Punctuation!

The children worked really hard and, despite the fact it was only 3 days into the new term, they did really well – adding to their class credits.

We have had another class treat this week. The children enjoyed watching the film Yours, Mine and Ours and afterwards they created questions for the rest of the class based on the film.

I have added a powerpoint of all of our clay masks. The children enjoyed making these and they look fantastic!

MG Clay Masks

In Literacy this week, we have been studying Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. This has involved us reading excerpts and watching the BBC film. The children have really enjoyed this and will be changing an excerpt from the story into a play script this week. I look forward to sharing this work on the blog.

Europe is our Geography topic this term and I hope to be able to include some references to the Winter Olympics in this.

New spelling groups will be arranged this week following the recent spelling test held in all the upper school classes.

I would like to welcome Tarn into our class – he has had a really good first week and has made many friends.

Sadly, not all of the pupils were back on Monday. A couple were still on holiday and poor Phoebe was in hospital having had her appendix out. The class all sent their best wishes and cards to her and, thankfully, she is now well on the road to recovery. We look forward to her returning.

I look forward to meeting all the parents on Tuesday.

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