WOW! W/E 11th October

What a fantastic assembly the class had on Wednesday. Their interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays gained rapturous applause and they clearly demonstrated how much they had enjoyed the topic. Talking with the parents, I discovered how much effort they had put into their scripts and was really impressed. Mrs Smith helped with the costumes and everyone had a great time. Even Mr Burford commented on how well they had performed. So a big WELL DONE to all. Class credits galore were awarded which means that we have a class treat this coming Friday afternoon and the class have chosen ‘electronic toys’. Mobile phones without Sim cards are allowed and the children have been told that they will be responsible for their toys on the day. (They will be kept in a cupboard until the session).

In maths this week we concentrated on factors and multiples, in preparation for the dreaded division next week! This is always a tricky area for the children and I am sure we will be working very hard!

In Literacy we have been looking at how stories are built up and planned and written our own. The children have enjoyed this and have been really proud of the work they have produced. It was really encouraging when many children asked if they could take their most recent plan home and write the story, even though the plans were only intended for oral storytelling.

We have used Greek pots to explore the lives of the Ancient Greeks and will be continuing with this for next couple of weeks.
We have the sponsored walk to look forward to next week and Year 6 will be going to QECP for Think Safe on Tuesday (packed lunches needed).
We have delayed our clay work until after half term and the children have been asked to bring in an old shirt that they can used for art during the year. Some have already done so, but now is the opportunity to nag dads and granddads for old ones!

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  1. Karen Frost says:

    I agree! I thought MG’s assembly on Wednesday was brilliant and it was easy to tell how much hard work they had all put in. From a parent’s point of view it was lovely to see such variety too, and each group had taken on different plays and all did so well. The best class assembly I’ve been to I think! Well done guys!

  2. mandygrant says:

    Thank you for your comments – i am glad you agree.

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