W/E 4th October

This term we are learning all about Shakespeare and his plays. At the moment we have been looking into Macbeth but have read some of the other plays to. In literacy we have been writing a recount from the point of view of Macbeth, using amazing sentences openers. Some of them are included in this blog.
Class assembly
This is a quick reminder of when our class assembly is and what it is about. It is on Wednesday 9th October at 10:15am. We are doing mini Shakespeare plays and have had great fun composing them.
In numeracy this week we have been doing multiplication with and without decimals using the column and grid methods.

By Lucy and Hannah S

Macbeths recount

Baffled, I and Banquo stumbled away from the battle fields, and across the muddy, soggy heath. A crack of thunder shook the ground; a bolt of lightening lit the dark sky. Rain pelted it-self on my shoulders and flattened my hair, clearing my face from the fresh blood. Soaked to the skin, I and Banquo trudged on.

As the sky began to clear, 3 murky figures appeared about 30 feet ahead. I did not know what they were. Clang! There was a sound of metal banging together, like a small child screaming. Flowing robes whirled around the three figures. I was scared. Alas! I carried on walking, but felt Banquo wince.  Thy wanted to scream, thou wanted to shout but thee did not. “Double double toil and trouble,” there were muffled crackly voices. “Little lacy of laughter,” chanted the voices.

We moved closer and the three murky figures came a bit clearer to me and Banquo. Gnarled faces covered with warts stared at us, dark pitiless eyes bored into our very bones: crooked noses, hairy warts, dark eyes grey hair. They were the ugliest things that I had ever seen.

They were dancing around rhythmically chanting. As they did this, they told us about our future, how I would become Thane of Cawdor then king. What they said to Banquo (that his children would be kings) did not mean anything to me at the time. From then onwards, that was my main goal. It had turned out that the figures were snarling witches, cursing the land, telling them that bad things will happen to the land and the Scottish country.  It was all dramatically unreal.

By Anna Lezdkan


Encountering the witches

Slightly crazed by the smell of death, me and Banquo were non to pleased with the blood soaked battle. The small wet path to Forres was covered in a cold Scottish blanket of fog and rain. If you picture the valley it looked like some kind devil child cot but you would be so wrong. Quietly, Banquo played a steady beat down the damp and foul path. While Banquo was playing, I was thinking to my self about all the good friends I had lost; it seemed impossible that we were going to win halfway through. Out of the blue, a huge fork of lighting hit a tree 100ft down the path, the noise was deafening I had all ready sustained a head wound and this was just angering it. Banquo was still on edge from the fight, so much so he fell of his horse.

We could not understand how there could be so much rain it was making me more and more exhausted. Yet another strike this time it was mine and Banquos turn to fall. This time however there was more. We saw a cauldron come up from the ground, then figures formed around chanting a spell – they all looked female. Next I saw them in closer detail. They were covered from head to toe in growths and boils; I doubted they were a friendly bunch.  Banquo was too afraid to speak. I shouted out speak if you can and they uttered some odd words like how I was going to be Thane of Cawdor then king and somehow Banquo’s children would take the throne. This sounded very strange indeed me thought. Thou reached beasts I shouted – thinking they were fakes. The reason was simple the thane of Cawdor was alive and well the same with King Duncan.

Clank! Clonk! I swear I heard something so I strained to listen. It was hooves on the wet mud, I turned to the noise and saw Richard, Duncan’s  favourite  guard,  he proclaimed I  was officially thane of Cawdor.

I wished to thank the witches but they had already vanished. I had to quickly tell my wife about the encounter.


By Ben Sellers


Macbeth- witches scene


When I heard the final moans of the last dying weak, dying, enemy soldier, I turned to Banquo. He had a drum slung around his neck and was beating it with hands encrusted with enemy blood. I wasn’t happy but I smiled as I shoved King Duncan’s flag into the ground, which was awash with blood, both enemy and friend. I looked around, Banquo was the only living soul in sight, there were probably more but I just couldn’t see them because of the swirling thick mist which was draped over the land like a curtain. We turned and walked away from the bloody battlefield.

As we walked away through thee mist there was a flash of lightening followed by a clap of thunder, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Then there was a flash but no thunder. Then I felt a strange presence. I stopped. Banquo had done the same. Three things walked out of the mist. They looked human but were too horrible on the eye. Their faces were gnarled. They had green skin and dark, milky red eyes. Without any warning, they somehow took flight and started circling us, like birds of prey. Then one stopped moving and said “All hail Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis!” She stared moving again. Then the next witch stopped and murmured “All hail Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!” Like the first she started moving again. Then the final most horrifying one stepped out and uttered “All hail Macbeth! Who shall be king hereafter!”

“What!” I gasped.                                                                                                                    They then turned to circle Banquo. And they all chanted in harmony “All hail Banquo! Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none!”

I heard Banquo utter “This doesn’t make any sense.” Then the things flew off into the mist.

“Wait!” I yelled, but they were gone.

“Do you think they spoke thy truth?” asked Banquo.

“Probably not,” I answered “But they look a bit like witches from paintings I have seen.” Then we heard the shouts of Macbeth is Thane of Cawdor…

By Thomas Gosney


Macbeth recount 

When I was walking slowly, carefully going away from the fierce and spooky battle, I felt scared and worried. I was terrified when I saw the disgusting, creepy witches. Suddenly I saw a flash of lighting. They made me speechless because I was terrified and I saw a thunder stone as well. Sadly they didn’t have shoes on they just had wet, soggy and smelly feet.

I smelled lavender and grass. The rain was beating like my heart. It was so annoying. I was too tired and exhausted. Finally we had won the battle.

By Amy 

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