W/E 27th September

The class have really excelled at Maths this week and nearly all of them are able to use column addition and subtraction! This was put to good use when problem solving as they had to check their answers by using the inverse operation.

Some year 6 children were carrying out investigations and were using brackets within their work – the final task of the week wasn’t completed and they have asked to do it Monday!

Our spells in the style of Shakespeare have turned out really well and I have included a few on here for you.

Jessica's Spell Josh's Spell Charlie's Spell Ollie's Spell

Thomas G's Spell

If you click on the images you will be able to rad them clearly.

I am really pleased with the interest the children have taken in this topic and have had many children bringing in books from home. If you do bring books in please remember to put your name in it so it doesn’t get lost.

Rehearsals for our class assembly are underway but the date has been changed to Wednesday 9th October – barring any problems!


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