Welcome to the New School Year.

A big welcome to our new year 5;s and 6’s. I am pleased to say that they have all settled in really well and have been working really hard on our two week project – The School We’d Like.

The children worked in groups to identify something about the school that they would like to improve and their ideas were –

GROUP                                                      IDEA

The No Name Group                             To create a flower garden on the school roof,                                                                              complete with beehives

The Turtleers                                          To build a dome in the vegetable garden, part                                                                           classroom, part greenhouse

Fruit Ninja                                                To build a serving hatch in the kitchen to the                                                                        outside of the school, complete with canopy

Jumbo Sausages                                     To build an athletics trail on the field.

The Epic Thinkers                                  To renovate the pond area and create a                                                                                  wildlife area next to it, complete with goats,                                                                          chickens and bees.

The children identified several ideas and had to weigh up their strengths and weaknesses before deciding upon their final project. They had to carry out research and cost their plans faced with a budget of £5 000. Drawing plans to scale and creating spreadsheets for the costs were challenging for some but they all presented their work, with the aid of a powerpoint presentation, to Mrs Dove, Mrs Smith and myself.

The winning idea came from the Epic Thinkers and they shared their completed plan with the whole school in assembly on Friday. Well done Hannah S, Ben R, Harvey D, Amy and Stephanie.

(I will put the completed powerpoints onto the blog on Monday for you all to see).

Next week sees the start of the normal school timetable and they children have been told to make sure they have PE kit in school all week, especially for Monday and Tuesday.

Year 6’s begin their Bikeability courses on Monday and will need to bring their bikes, helmets and warm clothing into school every day. Training takes place even in the rain and they will need to change into their spare clothing before going out on their bikes.

Class assemblies start next week and our one is planned for Wednesday 2nd October and I look forward to seeing you there.


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  1. Sarah Redfern says:

    Well done the Epic Thinkers!

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