Health Week

We were pleased to welcome lots of visitors into the class this week as part of our Health week and the children were kept really busy.

Year 5 had a talk on Monday about Citizenship in which they learnt all about the different forms of government and how elections take place. We followed this up with the children creating their own political party, setting up their manifesto and presenting it to potential voters. We held a secret ballot to decide the winner. It was great fun.

The year 6’s had a visit from local magistrates and acted out a court case. Discussions were held about whether the person was guilty or not.

Happy Hearts was the subject of a talk on Monday and discussions were held about how to keep our hearts healthy by thinking about what we eat and drink.

Money was the subject of maths and we looked at the interest rates offered by banks for both lending and borrowing. We also discussed how banks make a profit. The children found this really interesting and they were amazed by all of the items that adults have to pay for like; insurance and mortgages.

Mrs Smith and Mrs Wright were on hand (complete with new cooker!) to help the children create the healthy pizzas they had designed – a particular tasty lesson!

Other lessons included healthy living, healthy eating, road safety, smoking, medicine and alcohol awareness.
Charity day was brilliant this year and the children raised a record amount of money for cancer research.

Next week the Year 6’s are off to Calshot for 4 days and the Year 5’s will be teaming up with KB.

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