What a busy week!

Although SATs and end of year test have been completed there was no slacking in class as we embarked upon a series of maths investigations and writing alternative fairy tales. A couple of fairy tales are included below.

In music this week we have been creating cyclic patterns and layering them to make a composition. Enjoy listening to them (and viewing the performances) below –





Kasey and Abi wrote  about the class trip to Selborne trip –

Class MG’s trip to Selbourne!
On Wednesday class MG went to Selbourne and had a splendid time working around rivers. They went there because of their topic which was rivers – a local study
The first thing they did was to go in the lovely cosy barn and draw a map of how they got to the centre from Liss. Simon the instructer told MG where they were on the map and they identified the field that they were in on the map and found themselves.
After that they collected the equipment and started off for the river. First they had to measure how deep the river was every 20cm. Then
After that they had to time how long it took for Donald duck to swim down a stretch of 10m.After that they got the nets, placed them facing up the river then the rest of the people did the river dance , the river dance was us churning up the rocks and gravel to find gammarus, but some people found fish.
Although it did not stop there they went to a different river and they made Mr Gilbertson’s group walk the furthest down the river. Unfortunately Abi was in that group!
After more testing we had lunch and spent the afternoon on the Hangar. After climbing the steep hill we had great fun going the Giant Jenga and making mud faces. We also pretended that we were in a tribe and had to think about the things we would need in a settlement.
Thankfully the climb down was via the zig zag path and when we arrived back in the study centre we discussed and drew maps about what we had learned.
It was a great day!
By Abi, Jess C and Kasey.

Here are a selection of our Alternative fairy tales.

The Big Bad Wolf

By Andrew Neasom

I’m wolf, big bad wolf, or at least that’s what people call me but really I’m not that bad. Anyway, this is my story and you won’t forget it.

I live in the forest. It is my home and I don’t plan on moving soon or at least that I thought Ever since 3 little pigs (Roy, Mike and Grumps) moved here they have been planning to build houses.

One day I saw the pigs go to buy some materials. This is what they said:

“Could I have your straw please,” asked Roy, the eldest pig.

“Certainly,” replied the shop owner.

Then Mike asked, “Could I have your wood please and some bricks for Grumps.”

And can you guess what the owner did? Go on, guess. He gave all the pigs their materials for free!

The three little pigs instantly got to work on my land without asking. I was astonished at their poor behaviour so I decided it must be stopped.

The next day the pigs were finished building their houses. It was today that my plan would be put to the test.

I approached Roy’s straw house, braced myself, and shouted through the little pig sized window, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!” So that note I blew all of his straw away. It was in the trees, on the road and even into holes.

Roy started crying like a baby however I was not bothered. Next it was Mike’s wooden house. When I arrived I screamed through the ever so slightly bigger window, which now when I think about it is strange because Roy is the bigger pig, but anyway “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!” and in the nick of time the house was on the ground. Mike was devastated and I was pleased. Now only Grumps’ brick house remained.

I hid behind a tree to catch my breath. I was there for about 10 minutes until I was finally ready.

I ran towards one of the windows and shouted for the last time, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!”

Surprisingly Grumps just grunted. So I huffed and I puffed but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t blow it down.

I left the house and went back to my home. So that is the story of the three little pigs.


The end


The Step Sisters Story

Many people call me big headed, sometimes even selfish, I’m not! I just know the truth, I am awesome! I can do lots of things and I have all the boys running after me, though I never take any notice of them, the only person I have feelings for is the prince. Then he was snatched away from me by stupid Cinderella.

It all started when the post arrived, Cinderella brought it into the breakfast room; she and her dad had moved in a month before, when mum remarried, with, guess who, her dad.

Anyway, Cindy was like our own personal servant, not at all like a step sister really, she put on our make up, cooked, cleaned but what I can’t believe is that she never complained once. She could have been a good looking girl, obviously not beautiful like me and Anny (my sister) but pretty if she did something nice with her hair and got nicer clothes.

Back to the story. The letter, which had come in the post, was inviting us to a disco, at the palace, where the prince lives; at the top of the hill. That night!

“We must go shopping!” I shouted.

“Cinderella, do my hair!” Anny demanded.

Mum took us shopping; even though money was tight we spent about £100 each. I brought an amazing mini skirt. Anny’s clothes were nice, for a normal day out but that disco was a chance to show the prince our beauty.

When we got home Cindy was called up to do our hair and make up. It took us a surprisingly short time to get ready, only about 2 hours. We looked stunning in our new clothes, dressed in the best of every thing, I had thought that there was no way the prince wouldn’t instantly fall in love with me as soon as he saw me!

Cinderella wasn’t invited; we thought it was best as she would not only deeply embarrass herself, in her shabby clothes, but us as well. Before we left mum had told Cindy that if she so much as stole an apple from the kitchen or left the cellar at all she would be homeless, sometimes I thought mum is a bit too nice for her own good, I wouldn’t even have let that selfish girl into the house if it had been me!

We had arrived at the palace, fashionably late, to find it packed with people. The prince was in the middle, of the dance floor, wandering aimlessly, looking at each young lady in turn. Eventually he came to me, looked me in the eye then just walked straight past, without a second glance. I thought there must have been a mistake or Cindy had sabotaged me by doing my make up so it made me look so last month, of Corse that was the reason, why didn’t I see that coming I had demanded of myself.

After about an hour an (and I have to say) absolutely beautiful young woman burst in. everyone’s head turned towards her as the prince approached the lady. He pulled her onto the dance floor and refused to dance with any one else. How rude!

At midnight the mystery lady, who stole the prince, ran out the room, leaving behind just one slipper. The prince cancelled the disco, after that, and everyone had to go home.

The next day the prince visited every house in the village, trying to find the owner of the slipper.

Eventually he came to our house, neither me or Anny were able to fit into the slipper-however hard we tried. He was about to leave when Cindy came rushing into the room.

The prince recognised her at once as the girl from the dance. They got married, and, you guessed it, lived happily ever after. How soppy is that?

Well that was the story of how my prince was stolen from me.


By Jess.B


As you can see it has been a busy week and we have been without Mrs Smith, who has not been well. We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see everyone back safe and sound after the holiday. Have fun!









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